Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No knitting!

No knitting to report - although I do plan to settle downstairs and work on my blanket - shortly. Thank goodness for air conditioning otherwise there'd definitely be no alpaca knitting tonight. I was visiting my grandmother today and remembered that I had said I was going to post some pictures of her garden. Unfortunately it's not in full bloom yet - tulips are gone and roses haven't started yet but you can still see how much work this must be for my dear 87 year old grandma. She has always loved gardening and it shows. This particular garden has also had
pictures in the local community paper. This

shot is only about half the entire length of the garden.

This post was meant for last night - but for whatever reason, I couldn't load the pictures. I'm off to the yarn shop today - 12-9 and it's the SnB - which I love! Hopefully, Sarah's Baby Cashmerino will come in - I keep forgetting to tell her I was able to get it.


Sarah said...

You just told me! Yipee!! Talk to you tonight. Ready to Trek Along?

Sarah said...

P.S. Have you put yourself on the trek along frapper map??? There is another unwinder on the map too. Exciting.