Saturday, May 27, 2006

Batteries Died

Ok so I realize I'm giving my digital camera a work out with all the picture taking but this morning, it chose the most inopportune time to die! I was taking pictures of my Sea Silk progress - got a bad shot - which is here - and then nothing! Except for the polite message that says "Please change the batteries." Well, I don't have any other batteries for the camera so that is not possible. Unfortunately, all I have is this badly lit, blurry picture. Is this the Stormwater Shawl? you see - well, it drove me nuts! So I've changed to another lace pattern called Horseshoe and designed my own. Kind of designed my own - actually it's more Meghan's design then mine - she was just being kind! I'm alternating two skeins of Sea Silk which I thought were more alike than they actually are - but it's going together really well. The lime skein had alot less blue - but just enough to make it work. Speaking of Sea Silk, we are down from 20 skeins to 9 at last count! I promise all clearer picture as soon as I charge those **&%^%### batteries!

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