Monday, June 27, 2011

So what's up with Connie?

Well, nothing life is in a bit of a chaos at the marriage is fine, my kids are fine, but there is just stuff that keeps distracting me to such an extent that I really need to take a break.....I don't want to get all Facebook-ish about it and plaster my business all over the internet so here's what's happening.
We have decided to sell our farm - we find ourselves with an empty nest except for Emma and now it's just too much to manage. We are picturing ourselves on a much smaller property with perhaps an oasis in the backyard with enough room for the dogs and us but not so big that we are forever working to pay for it, and forever working on it's upkeep. So for Pick Up Sticks that means I need to either find a new location for the Fall (or whenever the house sells) or be able to have it where we live depending on where we move. Because a country property can take such a long time to sell, we can't really look around for anything until it's been sold. So there's lots up in the air......lots! I will be closed this week and re open on July 6th. I am planning to update the website with all the remaining stock so that online shoppers can also take advantage of the moving sale.
So the new hours for the Summer are as follows:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday Closed
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday OPEN 11AM-4PM
Everything in the store is 40% off because I have no desire to move it all......

The house isn't going to be listed until August and likely will take some time to sell since it's a farm so you'll have lots of time to shop.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Current Inventory

Current Inventory

I've had a few website issues today so the best way to serve you is to list some of the missing inventory on here. Hopefully, it will help you!

Sweet Georgia Silk Crush Sock
Raspberry 1
Peashoot 1
Boysenberry 1
Deep Olive 1
Coastal 1
Ginger 1

Dream in Color Knitosophy Sock
Blossom 1
Discover 4
Butterfly 4
Laugh 8
Princess 8
Bold 2

Malabrigo Sock
Archangel 11
Velvet Grapes 9
Turner 3
Caribeno 7
Cordovan 8
Alaucil 2
Natural 2
Stonechat 7
Abril 9
Rayon Vert 10
Indiecita 4
Violeta Africana 4
Chocolate Amargo 2
Cote d'Azure

Rowan Kidsilk Haze
627 4
634 2
664 8
580 6
595 2
639 7
632 7
651 8
643 8
649 6
582 2
640 9
641 10
605 7
642 5
590 1

Spud & Chloe Outer 50% off
7207 13
7208 13
7201 24
7200 5
7213 1
7204 15
7203 5
7206 9
7209 15
7206 9
7214 1

Tanis Yellow Label DK 30% off
Lagoon 5
Stormy 4
Deep Sea 4
Cobalt 4
Royal Flush 9
Grape 2
Plum 2
Lilac 6
Sweetheart 2
Jewel 3
Orange Blossom 8
Lemongrass 5
Seabreeze 4
Peacock 4
Moss 4
Mallard 2
Amber 1
Olive 6
Velvet 1
Garnet 3
Sand 3
Shadow 1
Chestnut 4
Teal 5
Midnight 6
Spearmint 6
Blueberry 9

Tanis Green Label Aran
Poppy 2
Stormy 3
Deep Sea 5
Cobalt 11
Royal Flush 4
Grape 2
Plum 1
Sweetheart 1
Lemongrass 8
Seabreeze 8
Peacock 6
Mallard 2
Olive 2
Velvet 10
Shadow 1
Chestnut 5
Teal 5
Midnight 1
Spearmint 6
Blueberry 8
Buttercup 3
We Wear Red 7
Sunset 8
Tidal 6
Ultraviolet 2
Sweetheart 1

You can email what you would like and I will keep this inventory as up to date as possible. Shipping will be flat rate of
$7 for orders 0-$50
$9 for orders $50-$100
$10 for over $100
Calculations for shipping will be based on full retail value.


The Deals for Out with the Old.....

The shop will be closed Friday, June 10, 2011 - I made a mistake on the newsletter - of course!

Spinning Fiber - 50% off (Sweet Georgia, Fleece Artist, Unwind, DyeHard)

Bulky Weight yarns - 50% off (Spud and Chloe, Dream in Color, Berocco Blackstone Tweed Chunky)

Spilly Jane Kits - 35% off

Tanis Fiber Arts Kits - 30% off

Dream Club Kits - 40% off

Mission Falls 1824 and 136 $2 per ball (limited)

Noro Silk Garden Sock 50% off

Yarns on Stage 55% off

Sweet Georgia Worsted - 50% off ( limited)
Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Aran - 50% off (limited)

MadTosh Vintage - 50% off (limited)

Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran - 30% off
Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label DK - 30% off

Zen Yarn Garden Sanctuary - reg. $38/skein NOW $30 per skein + an extra 30% off

Sunday Knits Kits - 40% off

Dye Hard Silky Cashmerino - 30% off

MadTosh Pashmina - 30% off

Indigodragonfly Polworth - 40% off

Dream in Color Knitosophy Sock Yarns - 50% off

Rowan KidSilk Haze - 40% off

Kertzer On Your Toes Bamboo - 50% off (beige, black, brown, cream)

All pattern books and hardcovers 50% off

All pattern leaflets 50% off with the exception of Jared Flood, Meghan Jackson, Churchmouse Classics, Amy Swenson, Hannah Fettig

Today's Samples
To purchase samples, please email connie (at)pickupsticks (dot) ca. Shipping for samples is $6 for 1 piece, $10 for 2 or more pieces. First Come, First Serve! Payment can be made by Paypal or by Credit Card over the phone.

Clapotis - Fleece Artist Casbah - 3-4 skeins
$50 plus tax and shipping

Honey Cowl - Madelinetosh DK - 'sprucey' blue color
$25 plus taxes and shipping

Maia Shawlette - Tosh Merino Light
$40 plus taxes and shipping

Damson Shawlette - Madtosh Sock in Rhubarb
$30 plus taxes and shipping

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

It all starts today....and tomorrow!

Summer's here, we're kicking off our fun, Easy Breezy Knitalong, and we've got exciting news up our sleeves!
But first, what's better than Malabrigo, Madelinetosh, Tanis Fiber Arts yarns and kits, Noro, Sweet Georgia, Spilly Jane Kits, Three Irish Girls, Juno Fiber Art, Viola, Waterloo Wools, Dyehard Fiber Arts and your other favorite yarns at Pick Up Sticks?
All of the above at 30% to 50% off!
It's summer madness here at Pick Up Sticks as we get ready to bring in a exciting fall lineup.
We are so excited about what's come in our mission to bring you the finest in exclusive hand dyed yarns (we've all sworn to secrecy here), that we've decided to hold an "Out with the Old, In with the New" summer sale.
The coming weeks and months will tell all and we'll reveal our exciting news! The first order's been placed, but we're not telling just yet! Suffice to say - it's all gotta go!
Enjoy the summer and take advantage of the sale to stock up on your favorites. And there's still time to join us for summer fun and friendship with our Easy Breezy Knitalong, too.
I can't wait to share more exciting Pick Up Sticks news with all my favorite!
Check here tomorrow for a list of the various yarns and their discounts! And every day here, there will be photos of some gorgeous samples for sale in the shop at terrific prices!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Dumpity Dump Dump Dump

So I've been in the dumps a bit lately - could explain why I didn't bother until last night to figure out why I wasn't able to post - so so so much is going on personally that it's sometimes hard to focus but after a good talking to by my dear friend Clare - I'm feeling much better - I even got up this morning to post some long over due pictures, the printer is humming with the Breezy Cardigan patterns spitting out - the yarn is supposed to be here Monday - not sure what to do about the postal strike but maybe since I'm in such a better mood so will the postal workers be and the strike will be over.

So what's new here?
Well Linda dropped off the sample of the lastest installment of the Dream Club - a cute, cute vest done in lace weight. Doesn't look like much but it's very nice on - over a t-shirt or a tank.

Here's the yarn - Baby Laceweight Sour Pear. the color but not the vest? There is enough in stock for a Breezy Cardigan or two - for those who love this particular shade of green!

Next is Camille - another design by Meghan Jackson that didn't get my full attention and adoration until she came in wearing it. Both Jennie and I were all over her, touching it, asking what is this you've got on.
It could be because this was all I had ever seen of it -

which is it funny little shape - not a shape that I could figure out what to do with.

But then.....Meg showed up wearing it slightly askew with pretty pin on her shoulder and suddenly, Jennie and I were racing to the shelves to choose colors. This is what Jennie chose - Rhubarb in Silk Cashmerino by Dye Hard Fiber Arts. It's designed for one skein however, it's easily customizable to be bigger.

It's a dreary, rainy day here - just the perfect day to settle down with a new knitting project! And I think I will do just that!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Test test test

test test test I've been having trouble blogging and just now read that I should be using Mozilla Firefox so let's see if I can publish.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pick Up Sticks Easy Breezy Summer Knitalong!

Join us for the Summer Knitalong of Hannah Fettig's Breezy Cardigan! See the Knitalong Tab at the top of the page for all the details.
Fun wow!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Who knew?

That you could blog from your phone?

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hope to See You at the Frolic!

On Saturday morning, the marketplace doors will open at the DKC's Annual Knitter's Frolic and we'll be there! Will you be coming to visit us?

Come say "hi" to us, Sarah, Clare, and Meghan, (Connie will still be soaking in a few well-deserved rays of sunshine on vacation before heading home!) at booth 46.

We'll have shelves full of exclusive yarns and kits:

Juno Fibre Arts -- you've got to touch these yarns. More beautiful than you can imagine.
Three Irish Girls -- that's right, we're the only ones in Canada that have it, and we're willing to share!
Zen Yarn Garden -- if you haven't seen the new ZYG DK yarn yet, come see this beauty for your spring and summer sweater projects, beautiful scarves, and baby knits for that special little bundle.
Sweet Georgia -- a huge selection of your favourite Sweet Georgia yarns, including the new Cashluxe Fine. Amazing!
Dyehard Fibre Arts -- you'll love these locally dyed yarns for sock or shawl projects.
Spilly Jane Kits featuring Sunday Knits Yarns -- fun and quirky patterns in the most luxurious yarns.
Sunday Knits Kits -- if you like multicolour projects, you'll love these scarves.
Dream in Color Kits and yarns -- missed a "club" kit? We just might have the one you're looking for!
Shawl Kits -- new shawl kits with great patterns featuring all your favourite yarns, including Sweet Georgia, Dyehard, Juno...
Plus... blocking wires, ball winders, Harmony Wood Interchangeables, yarn swifts, and more.

I can't wait to see you there!

(psst... Meghan is behind this blog post and says "hi" from Connie!)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hours for April

Pick Up Sticks will be closed from April 15th to May 3rd with the following exceptions: Saturday, April 16th 10am-4pm Saturday, April 30th - Knitter's Frolic - Booth 46 Be sure to check out us out there - we have new yarn that has never been for sale in Canada before. It's going to be exciting!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Catch Up

I've had pictures taken for ages of my finished socks and my next project but as usual time has gotten away from me.....I finished my toe up 2 at a time socks and truly, I am addicted to this method. It got a bit iffy when I was on the leg and felt as if I might never finish but when 2 complete socks came off the needles and straight onto my feet - I felt amazing! Not to mention, virtually no left overs! Yay! - 2 socks to wear - not just one!

Next on the needles is the Pueblo Stole from Sunday Knits. A beautiful scarf that utilizes the color palette that Carol has put together to perfection. This colorway is called Earth and Sky and hopefully will be done for the Frolic. But have no fear - all 5 colorways will be there along with samples of all of them - well, that is if I finish Earth and Sky so that would mean 4 samples for sure! I'm almost done the first half - so it is much bigger now than when I took the picture. The kits will be here tomorrow so if you just can't wait - then you can stop in and see them.

Oh and did you see Meghan's latest - her next Necklaces for Knitter's is ready to go - it's gorgeous!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

And the winner is.....

chosen by a random number generator - the winner of the Name That Yarn is Rooibos! Congratulations! Send me an email to claim your free skein! All of the colors are on Pick Up Sticks website. And now for the name....I have to admit that Roxanne and I chose a name that was my suggestion and once we had it in our minds we couldn't seem to move onto anything else. And so without further ado....the new yarn from Zen Yarn Garden, spun and dyed exclusively for Pick Up Sticks is to be called

You can see all the colors by clicking on the name. I spent all day today loading them on the website. This yarn is so special - a blend of all my favorite fibers - merino/alpaca/cashmere/silk - unlike anything on the market!
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden for being such a willing partner in crime. You are so great to work with!

So one more bit of news regarding the Yarn Tasting on Saturday, April 2 - we're still on but in a much more informal way. The yarns will be on the table all wound into cakes for you to sit down and try. Want to try them all - go ahead! Want to try just one - that's fine too! People wanted to come but were unable to make it right at 10 am so I thought this was a better way to go - so now everyone can save 10% off the selected yarns. There will be a newsletter going out tomorrow morning first thing with all the details but this is a one day only introductory sale.

Yarns on the Menu

Juno Fibre Arts Alice Sock & Buffy Toughie

Zen Yarn Garden Sanctuary

Spilly Jane Kits

Sunday Knits Kits

Indigodragonfly Polworth Silk

Necklaces for Knitter's Kits

Dream Club Kits

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sock Report

Saturday was our second toe up 2 at a time sock class - and I am happy to report that I still am enamored with the technique and my socks have heels. I love the method so much that I investigating different ways of doing it - different toes, different heels, different, different, different - so much so that Meghan and I are contemplating a Sock Camp for the summer - each method will be covered by approx. 3 lessons. For example, May could be short row toe and heel toe up 2 at a time sock, June could be increased gusset, short row heel toe up 2 at a time sock and July could be.......the possibilities are endless. Is this idea appealing? Email/comment to let me know. Each camp would be approx. $60 plus materials and would run for 3 evenings in the month.
Four boxes of yarn arrived....Sunday Knits Eden, Nirvana, Brigadoon and Angelic 20g have arrived! Yay! Plus more Spilly Jane kits!
One little bag of Juno arrived and I know there are 3 others floating around out there. Next to arrive should be the new Zen Yarn Garden at the end of the month. Stay tuned for the contest winner announcement.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

April Event

Ok Rayna - you've inspired me to get going.....

Here's what's coming up for April.

Saturday, April 2, 2011 - Yarn Tasting 10am-1pm - We will be tasting all the newly arrived yarns. 10% off on Tasting Yarns for participants. Zen Yarn Garden - new yarn, Juno Fibre Arts, Alice Sock & Buffy Toughie Sock, Sunday Knits - 4 different yarns! Sounds like fun, right? Email to reserve your spot, space is limited. connie(at)pickupsticks(dot)ca

Saturday, April 9 & 16th - Two At A Time Toe Up Socks 10am-noon. On Day 1 we tackle the cast on, increasing toe and getting going on the foot. Day 2 will have us working on the heel and progressing to the leg. This method is one that allows you to use up every bit of yarn! Once you try it, I'm sure you won't knit socks any other way. Please call or email to reserve your spot. 1-877-780-KNIT $20 plus materials 3.5mm 40 inch circular and 100g of worsted weight yarn (Materials must be purchased from Pick Up Sticks or class cost is $50)

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - Closed for Knitter's Frolic - come and see us at Booth 46.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Late to the Party....

I have been extremely resistant to the Magic Loop method of knitting - particularly when it is applied to socks. I took a class years ago with Meghan and complained the whole way through - I hate this way, who would want to do this by choice, all those wrap and turns for short row heels and toes - puh-lease a complete waste of time. (Meghan says I'm a high maintenance student but I don't really get that, do you?)nSo when Saturday's Toe Up Socks Two At A Time on One Circular began I was really just thinking that it was a crazy class and really, what was wrong with socks on dpns, one at a time. HOWEVER, after a very stressful week with a serious health scare with my dad I thought - well, I just feel like knitting today so I will give this stupid method a try. The result......I love you can see.............the varigated ones were my first and since I was ready for the heel class early I cast on a second pair. Who knew?

Sarah finished her second Four Seasons Hat - Emma was not happy to be my model - she's not nearly as miserable as she looks.

New mags arrived today - Interweave has a lot of special issues coming out this year! Knitting Traditions is awesome - full of historical knitting with some amazing lace patterns. The new Spin Off is here too - come on in and get yours!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What to do...What to do.....

with Indigodragonfly Polworth Silk.

Just a quick search on Ravelry turned up these beauties
Marschalin by Ilga Leja (can be purchased on Rav)

Willoughby by Jared (my boyfriend) Flood (purchased on Rav or available in store as part of Made in Brooklyn pattern book)

What am I working on? Well Meghan released a new pattern and I just love it!

Buttercup using Dream in Color March Dream Club Yarn - Irish Sprout.

And who could resist this? Rocky - remember him? (now 85lbs) and Oreo the cat - and yes, they are both comfy on the leather couch in the family room. Actually - that's kind of Rocky's spot :)

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Another FO

I finally convinced Emma to take off her riding helmet and model my latest FO. It's the Summer version of the Four Season Hat by Tanis Fiber Arts. It was a fun knit and I just love the way the colors work together.

I just wound up my next project - taking a short break from Fair Isle to do Meghan's new pattern - Buttercup. She came in wearing it yesterday and I just love it! I'm not doing yellow though - I've been dying to us the new Dream Club yarn that came in so my Buttercup will be a real Irish green!

The next Fair Isle on tap is Sea Mineral mittens - Spilly Jane, of course! Oh and my Florida drive knit will be Lincoln Park.

Did you see Roxanne's blog today? It's been added on the sidebar - A Life of Colour- she put up a preview of the new yarn that is being exclusively released through Pick Up Sticks - you can still enter the Name that Yarn contest - but we are looking for a name for the yarn not the colourway - which by the way is outstanding! Yay!

There's another addition to my Blog list - Meghan Jackson Knits - she's a prolific designer but not much of a blogger - perhaps we can shame her into it - that is between all her designs, taking care of her 3 kids under 3 and working at Pick Up Sticks!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

this is Polworth Silk from Indigo Dragonfly.

massive 750yd skeins of dk $60!

Fun wow!


Is there anything to say, when yarn is as beautiful as this? Except's here, you really should come by and give it a squeeze.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Pictures as Promised!

First up are my Northman Mittens - I used Mission Falls 136 in Natural and Red - I was just dying to knit red and white mittens and these did not disappoint! I actually lined them with 100% Cashmere fingering that I had in my stash. They are super warm!

And the next - the first of many I'm sure Spilly Jane Isidora in Sunday Knits yarn. I had lots of yarn left from the kit - I'm almost positive I might have enough for a second pair.

Next ones up are Sea Minerals and also a Tanis Four Seasons Hat - I'm really into colorwork these day - I find it pretty simple if the chart is done!

The website is working - if some of you are still getting the 'forbidden' message it's because your ISP hasn't refreshed the cache or something like that. It happened to me yesterday - using my Rogers Stick I could access the site, but using our home provider it took quite a bit longer. And please....if you notice any errors or anything missing please let me know - it's a work in progress and I was really pushing last week and over the weekend to get something up!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

All together now....

Hurray! is back! Not all the way back but live and working so you can order the new stuff of which there's quite a bit so far and the sale stuff!

All the Spilly Jane's are up and boy oh! boy am I a fan of the patterns and the yarn! You will be too! Sunday Knits is a dream to work with - have a look here and what we've got!

Tanis' Four Seasons Hat Kits arrived - Sarah is busying working on a sample. I've got one all picked out to make too!

One of the new Indie Dyers is expected this week - my new fiber from Zen Yarn Garden has arrived and is scheduled to arrive here around the end of March or so.

I'll post some pics tomorrow of Isidora mittens - sooooo, soooo pretty!

It's Oscar time!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun Stuff and a Contest

All of the Knit Picks stuff arrived today and I must say I've very excited to have it in the shop. I made an error on my previous post - the Yarn Swifts actually retail for $55.49 and the Ball Winders for $22.49 - both together are now about the same price of either the ball winder or swifts that I used to carry. Also, in the box were sets of blocking wires - lots of them for just $22.49 plus pins - oh and the Harmony Wood Interchangeables - gorgeous!

So now for the contest - the lovely Roxanne from Zen Yarn Garden is having a yarn spun especially for Pick Up Sticks - it will be a sport weight available in 12 exclusive colorways. So far the yarn is nameless so we've decided to turn that over to all of you. The winner of the contest will receive a free skein of the new yarn in the color of their choice. So here's the details:

Yarn Content: 40% Superwash Merino, 30% Alpaca, 20% Cashmere, 10% Silk


So put your thinking caps on ......certainly you are all more ingenious then we've proven to be! Please leave a comment - winner will be decided by Roxanne!

Hey - one more thing - did you see the new pattern that Meghan Jackson put up for free on Ravelry - it's awesome - uses one skein of anything - yup -anything!

Gamma Ray
So pretty! Such a great idea!

Friday, February 11, 2011


I have decided that I love colorwork - I've always had a thing for it - but now it's for sure. Meet Isidora from Spilly Jane with yarn provided by Sunday Knits. Great pattern - really, really great pattern - like how the chart is divided up by needle so you know quickly if you've made a mistake! And the yarn....well, aaaaamazing! Three different blends all the same weight so much fun - you can't really see it in the photo but the light flowers are glowing with angora!Here's the palm of the mitten - different pattern, same colors so it kept things interesting! And the thumb - it's plain - how great is that? - no fiddling with lots of colors. That SpillyJane is a smart cookie - and guess what lots and lots of these kits will be at Pick Up Sticks in about 2 weeks with classes to help you get started on your very own SpillyJane's.

This is another mitt in my bag - Northman mitts - I'm knitting with Mission Falls 136 Superwash Merino - these are a late Xmas (ok, very late!) gift for my friend, Martha - very similar to Fiddlehead in that they are also lined. I'm working on finishing this one now and then going back to finish the other Isidora.

Friday, February 04, 2011

By Special Request

Lo and behold as I was re-organizing shelves I found a lonely skein of Poppy in Tanis Green Label - combine that will Buttercup and Orange Blossom and voila! I've got the kit that Rayna was asking for. This is a one off because there's no more poppy.

Photo is much more washed out than the actual colors.

Guess What's On the Way to....

Pick Up Sticks?
Ball Winders $22.49

Set of Harmony Wood DPNs $42.49

Swift $72.49

Harmony Wood Interchangeable Set

There's also the Nickel Plated Interchangeable Set coming as well. Knit Picks offers a program for stores to buy the needles and tools for our customers - so let me worry about the duty and exchange - they should be here by the end of next week so pop in and have a look! I'm currently knitting with the Harmony Wood DPNs and I love 'em!

In the comments yesterday, Rayna asked when I would have the kits ready for the Grammy Hat and Mitten Kits and the answer is today - I'm doing them in 4 colors.

Original: Teal, Mallard, Spearmint, Buttercup

Girls : Grape. Lilac, Sweetheart,

Boys: Midnight, Chestnut, Garnet, Amber

Neutral: Sand, Shadow, Stormy, Olive

Couldn't get the red, orange, yellow to work :)
Thanks to Tanis for permission to make the kits and distribute the patterns!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Giddy Up Gidget!

I've been hard at work on a project for Emma - a horse sweater! - one of the riders at the barn showed up one day with this amazing Cowichan sweater that she got for Christmas from Aritzia - I searched high and low for it for Emma with no success and truthfully, was not all the excited about the $85 price tag that went along with the store bought one. So began my search for a horse sweater - and finally I decided to follow Meghan's example and buy a kit. I switched the reindeers to horses, the other designs to horse shoes, added her name on the back, lengthened it alot and now I'm proud to say - it's almost done - just drying and then buttons! The best part is Emma loves it!

New yarns have been pouring in here for me to check out - here's the pile of yes yarns - yarns that will be coming to Pick Up Sticks. Most of the new yarns we hope to debut at the Knitter's Frolic in Toronto on April 30th - I can't be there this year because I will be on my way back from Florida but the magnificent Meghan and the super Sarah along with some others will be manning the booth!
Oh and this little pile of gorgeousness - I'm casting on this afternoon. New kits coming to us soon! Can't tell because it's all part of the new plans!
I begin setting up a new refreshed website next week too! I'm excited about that - we will still be live on line until the actual day of the big switch. Lots of work to do - fun, fun, fun!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Over with Jared

As you can see I finished Umaro on the weekend and now as a reward think I should cuddle up under it and have a nap! I'm so proud of this - there's great joy in finishing something that you just really, really wanted. My husband asked me what I was going to do with it and I explained, in a very patient way, that most times knitting is not about what I am going to do with it, or if I even need it - it's about the knitting - creating something so gorgeous that it takes your breath away.

There's another Jared FO in the shop - Ptarmigan Cowl made from one skein of Yarn Candy, Sweet Fiber Silk Cashmere held double. So soft and comfy to wear!

And yes, I know the website isn't working - can we just not talk about it? I've got 3 calls in to 3 different people - maybe someone will fix it.