Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ok so

Madelinetosh Pashmina, Vintage and DK (1color shipped by mistake)have arrived all safe and sound. And I'm kinda nervous to put it online for fear of a crash - considering how the phones been ringing today so here's the colors that have arrived in each - and the amounts - call if you want some before I get around to putting it online. Also arrived is Sweet Georgia Silk Crush sock - new yarn, same awesome colors!

Logwood 10
Milk 10
Twig 4
Black Currant 10
Rose 7
Fjord 10
Lepidoptra 6
Toast 10

Turquoise 8

Alabaster 2
Lapis 2
Wood Violet 2
Oxblood 2
Ms. Taylor 2
Norway Spruce 2
Thicket 2
Warm Maize 2
Sugarplum 2

It's Knit Night so this is subject to change in a big way and before you ask - yes I've reordered Vintage and Tosh Sock will be here for the Frolic.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Anybody out there?

Ok so there was a final March post and then nothing - well - let's see what happened - I was in Florida where typically I don't do alot of knitting so there's not much to show from that trip. I read book after book while I'm there - nothing like sitting in the sun with a good book. I'm currently working on Summit in Malabrigo Sock Caribeano for the Knitter's Frolic. And I'm working on the Kidsilk Haze scarf that I picked up in Florida - an easy knit in the round stocking stitch. Oh and there's been some spinning - the new wheels arrived and I love the Schacht Matchless - I've done a really nice single in Tanis Lemongrass roving. Laura Chau was here yesterday and will be back next Sunday for Spinning - it was awesome!

I've decided that Canada Customs may be secretly harboring knitters - my Madelinetosh order - 3 boxes - has been in customs in Mississauga since April 11 - it was released to the post office today so it definitely, definitely should be here this week. However, I'm worried that it may arrive all knitted up - I mean, seriously, what else could they have been doing with it for 7 flippin' days! Canada Post says Sweet Georgia is coming today but I can't be sure because they also said it was coming on Friday.

Still not smoking - 3.5 mos now - getting better but I'm getting bigger. Just spent the morning cutting up celery, cucumbers and washing lettuce - that ought to help!

Pictures soon I promise!