Monday, February 13, 2012

Time flies

Wow! I can hardly believe that it has been more than six months since I've blogged. I could go on and on about why, why not, etc, etc but suffice to say that I am feeling very well after a very difficult time. I did manage to finish 2/3 of my real estate course and plan to complete that in the Spring. We've decided not to downsize after all - finding something to replace what we have is much more difficult than we thought - that and uprooting my dad from his cosy little home and Emma from her friends became more than we wanted to take on. So we are staying!

I have managed to find a new yarn home -I am happily working at The Yarn Store inside The Quilt Store (Evelyn's Sewing Center), 17817 Leslie Street Newmarket. So from now on I will be blogging at

Come check it out!

Monday, June 27, 2011

So what's up with Connie?

Well, nothing life is in a bit of a chaos at the marriage is fine, my kids are fine, but there is just stuff that keeps distracting me to such an extent that I really need to take a break.....I don't want to get all Facebook-ish about it and plaster my business all over the internet so here's what's happening.
We have decided to sell our farm - we find ourselves with an empty nest except for Emma and now it's just too much to manage. We are picturing ourselves on a much smaller property with perhaps an oasis in the backyard with enough room for the dogs and us but not so big that we are forever working to pay for it, and forever working on it's upkeep. So for Pick Up Sticks that means I need to either find a new location for the Fall (or whenever the house sells) or be able to have it where we live depending on where we move. Because a country property can take such a long time to sell, we can't really look around for anything until it's been sold. So there's lots up in the air......lots! I will be closed this week and re open on July 6th. I am planning to update the website with all the remaining stock so that online shoppers can also take advantage of the moving sale.
So the new hours for the Summer are as follows:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday Closed
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday OPEN 11AM-4PM
Everything in the store is 40% off because I have no desire to move it all......

The house isn't going to be listed until August and likely will take some time to sell since it's a farm so you'll have lots of time to shop.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Current Inventory

Current Inventory

I've had a few website issues today so the best way to serve you is to list some of the missing inventory on here. Hopefully, it will help you!

Sweet Georgia Silk Crush Sock
Raspberry 1
Peashoot 1
Boysenberry 1
Deep Olive 1
Coastal 1
Ginger 1

Dream in Color Knitosophy Sock
Blossom 1
Discover 4
Butterfly 4
Laugh 8
Princess 8
Bold 2

Malabrigo Sock
Archangel 11
Velvet Grapes 9
Turner 3
Caribeno 7
Cordovan 8
Alaucil 2
Natural 2
Stonechat 7
Abril 9
Rayon Vert 10
Indiecita 4
Violeta Africana 4
Chocolate Amargo 2
Cote d'Azure

Rowan Kidsilk Haze
627 4
634 2
664 8
580 6
595 2
639 7
632 7
651 8
643 8
649 6
582 2
640 9
641 10
605 7
642 5
590 1

Spud & Chloe Outer 50% off
7207 13
7208 13
7201 24
7200 5
7213 1
7204 15
7203 5
7206 9
7209 15
7206 9
7214 1

Tanis Yellow Label DK 30% off
Lagoon 5
Stormy 4
Deep Sea 4
Cobalt 4
Royal Flush 9
Grape 2
Plum 2
Lilac 6
Sweetheart 2
Jewel 3
Orange Blossom 8
Lemongrass 5
Seabreeze 4
Peacock 4
Moss 4
Mallard 2
Amber 1
Olive 6
Velvet 1
Garnet 3
Sand 3
Shadow 1
Chestnut 4
Teal 5
Midnight 6
Spearmint 6
Blueberry 9

Tanis Green Label Aran
Poppy 2
Stormy 3
Deep Sea 5
Cobalt 11
Royal Flush 4
Grape 2
Plum 1
Sweetheart 1
Lemongrass 8
Seabreeze 8
Peacock 6
Mallard 2
Olive 2
Velvet 10
Shadow 1
Chestnut 5
Teal 5
Midnight 1
Spearmint 6
Blueberry 8
Buttercup 3
We Wear Red 7
Sunset 8
Tidal 6
Ultraviolet 2
Sweetheart 1

You can email what you would like and I will keep this inventory as up to date as possible. Shipping will be flat rate of
$7 for orders 0-$50
$9 for orders $50-$100
$10 for over $100
Calculations for shipping will be based on full retail value.


The Deals for Out with the Old.....

The shop will be closed Friday, June 10, 2011 - I made a mistake on the newsletter - of course!

Spinning Fiber - 50% off (Sweet Georgia, Fleece Artist, Unwind, DyeHard)

Bulky Weight yarns - 50% off (Spud and Chloe, Dream in Color, Berocco Blackstone Tweed Chunky)

Spilly Jane Kits - 35% off

Tanis Fiber Arts Kits - 30% off

Dream Club Kits - 40% off

Mission Falls 1824 and 136 $2 per ball (limited)

Noro Silk Garden Sock 50% off

Yarns on Stage 55% off

Sweet Georgia Worsted - 50% off ( limited)
Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Aran - 50% off (limited)

MadTosh Vintage - 50% off (limited)

Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran - 30% off
Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label DK - 30% off

Zen Yarn Garden Sanctuary - reg. $38/skein NOW $30 per skein + an extra 30% off

Sunday Knits Kits - 40% off

Dye Hard Silky Cashmerino - 30% off

MadTosh Pashmina - 30% off

Indigodragonfly Polworth - 40% off

Dream in Color Knitosophy Sock Yarns - 50% off

Rowan KidSilk Haze - 40% off

Kertzer On Your Toes Bamboo - 50% off (beige, black, brown, cream)

All pattern books and hardcovers 50% off

All pattern leaflets 50% off with the exception of Jared Flood, Meghan Jackson, Churchmouse Classics, Amy Swenson, Hannah Fettig

Today's Samples
To purchase samples, please email connie (at)pickupsticks (dot) ca. Shipping for samples is $6 for 1 piece, $10 for 2 or more pieces. First Come, First Serve! Payment can be made by Paypal or by Credit Card over the phone.

Clapotis - Fleece Artist Casbah - 3-4 skeins
$50 plus tax and shipping

Honey Cowl - Madelinetosh DK - 'sprucey' blue color
$25 plus taxes and shipping

Maia Shawlette - Tosh Merino Light
$40 plus taxes and shipping

Damson Shawlette - Madtosh Sock in Rhubarb
$30 plus taxes and shipping

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

It all starts today....and tomorrow!

Summer's here, we're kicking off our fun, Easy Breezy Knitalong, and we've got exciting news up our sleeves!
But first, what's better than Malabrigo, Madelinetosh, Tanis Fiber Arts yarns and kits, Noro, Sweet Georgia, Spilly Jane Kits, Three Irish Girls, Juno Fiber Art, Viola, Waterloo Wools, Dyehard Fiber Arts and your other favorite yarns at Pick Up Sticks?
All of the above at 30% to 50% off!
It's summer madness here at Pick Up Sticks as we get ready to bring in a exciting fall lineup.
We are so excited about what's come in our mission to bring you the finest in exclusive hand dyed yarns (we've all sworn to secrecy here), that we've decided to hold an "Out with the Old, In with the New" summer sale.
The coming weeks and months will tell all and we'll reveal our exciting news! The first order's been placed, but we're not telling just yet! Suffice to say - it's all gotta go!
Enjoy the summer and take advantage of the sale to stock up on your favorites. And there's still time to join us for summer fun and friendship with our Easy Breezy Knitalong, too.
I can't wait to share more exciting Pick Up Sticks news with all my favorite!
Check here tomorrow for a list of the various yarns and their discounts! And every day here, there will be photos of some gorgeous samples for sale in the shop at terrific prices!