Saturday, September 25, 2010

As promised.....

Woman's Energy Day 3 - this shot was on a 32 inch circular - I put it on a styrofoam head I have - kind of like a sloppy beret at this point.

The yarn is lovely to work with - Viola Fancy Lace, colorway Smudge.
Woman's Energy Day 4

Here's a close up I took this morning - now on a 40 inch circular. I compressed this photo so when you click on it you should be able to see the fibres that are starting to bloom from the soft!
I think I'm going to spin today after a few rounds of Woman's Energy - it's the perfect day - cool and bright!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Husband With A Black Eye

Yup - a black eye! Happened on Monday when this pony decided to go AWOL and leave the barn. Greg tried to stop him and ran face first into the chain that is supposed to keep wayward horses in the barn. To compound the situation, he also had the cold that I was recovering from. This photo really doesn't show the worst of it - he was a bloody mess on Tuesday morning.

The pony pics were taken before all the ruckus - don't the girls look cute with their ponies. Emma and Gidget are developing a nice relationship - she's such a good little pony and Emma just loves her.
This jump surprised both Emma and Gidget - Emma didn't realize how high and wide it was and neither did Gidget - but they made it!
Another nice jump - Emma's going to have a long winter - she wants to get this pony to the Royal Winter Fair next year which will mean lots of practice and lots of horse shows starting in early Spring.

Started my Woman's Energy Knit A Long in Viola Fancy Lace - I'm at about 30 sts between markers - (there's 8 markers) so far so good, it's really very simple. The only issue I had was the circular cast on with just 9 stitches but once I got past that it was fine. The chart I am on will get me to over 600 stitches so I have a ways to go but truly it's much easier than it looks! Pictures tomorrow - promise!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wife with a Cold

Now as a woman and the person who makes sure everything runs smoothly around here - you can imagine how little time I have to be sick....but sick I am. Wow! Started Wednesday and has been followed by sleepless nights and days of longing for my bed. However, I have still managed to put away all the Pashmina that arrived - 100 glorious skeins - took pictures of it, loaded it on the website. All done! Store is all back to normal thanks to Deb who came by on Tuesday before I got sick.

Today I have a few more photos to take - Silky DK by Viola, some new self striping from Dye Hard. Then I might just sit and knit....sound good?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Husband with a headache

I called my husband at around 11am this morning and he was complaining of a splitting headache - he said he woke up with it. It had been 6 hours and he hadn't taken anything yet! Now I take tylenol at the first signs of a headache - no martyrdom for me! I told him - take something don't wait. He said ok - I called him again at around 3pm to see how he was doing - aren't I a caring wife? - still had a headache, still hadn't taken anything. I said you must take something before you come home - stop - get a coffee - buy tylenol and take it. My thinking was then the headache might be gone by the time he got home, sparing me the complaining and whining of a man with the worst headache known to mankind.

He came home, did not stop for tylenol or a coffee so you know what my evening is going to be like - good thing it's Knit Night - hopefully there will be tons of people so I don't have to see him until bed time. Maybe by then it will be gone.....

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Is there any point?

In saying I'm a bad blogger - certainly, you've all figured that out by now considering I blogged one whole time in August!

I have been knitting - this is Maia the second in the 7 Small Shawls series by Rosemary (Romi) Hill. It was fun with a unique beginning! Edit: Just as I was going to Ravelry to get the link, there was a message from Romi letting me know that I could sell these patterns in a kit for Kitchener! Yay - this took one skein of Tosh Merino Light - I think I will include 2 skeins in the kit because I didn't do any repeats of the optional last pattern chart.

Here's the Six Pack Scarf out of Kidsilk Haze - kits of this will be available at the Knitter's Fair! Speaking of Knitter's Fair, Blogger has a new feature where I can create a new page - so there's a tab that will give all the details about this one day event!

I've been busy all week packing up kits, deciding what to bring and trying to enjoy the last week of summer!

And I've been spending almost every night at the barn watching Emma ride her new pony for next year. This is Gidget and she is a gorgeous Welsh pony that I am madly in love with. She is the most adorable pony ever! They showed together this past weekend and came home with 4 ribbons! 4th, 6th, 2-8ths - totally unexpected considering it was Emma's first time showing her and only Gidget's third time in the show ring.