Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Husband with a headache

I called my husband at around 11am this morning and he was complaining of a splitting headache - he said he woke up with it. It had been 6 hours and he hadn't taken anything yet! Now I take tylenol at the first signs of a headache - no martyrdom for me! I told him - take something don't wait. He said ok - I called him again at around 3pm to see how he was doing - aren't I a caring wife? - still had a headache, still hadn't taken anything. I said you must take something before you come home - stop - get a coffee - buy tylenol and take it. My thinking was then the headache might be gone by the time he got home, sparing me the complaining and whining of a man with the worst headache known to mankind.

He came home, did not stop for tylenol or a coffee so you know what my evening is going to be like - good thing it's Knit Night - hopefully there will be tons of people so I don't have to see him until bed time. Maybe by then it will be gone.....


Anonymous said...

I know all about miserable sick men. You are supposed to try to show them some sympathy. Be nice to Greg

Creativehands said...

Does he have a fever?
Did he have his usual quotient of caffeine?
Can you just tuck him into bed and knit quiet loving thoughts instead of the, "I told you to take the damn Tyelenol" thoughts?
Or better yet, tell him, "Not tonight honey, YOU have a headache."