Friday, April 28, 2006

Look What I Got!

Look what I got for my birthday from my cousin, Darlene! Isn't she the cutest? She's a knitting angel bear! It's a bit late because my birthday was in February but well worth the wait.

I had a great day today - Wendy was off from the yarn shop so I've started my semi-fulltime job. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and couldn't wait to get to work. I'm working again tomorrow and am expecting some knitting friends to come and knit with me so that should be good.

I just love being in that shop - so in all a great day!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Last Attempt

Boy oh Boy! This is not easy - I've had the pictures posted several times then lose one, reload - lose two - now I think at the bottom of this page is another picture of Socks that Rock but I'm scared to scroll down to find out! To the left is Sock Yarn from KnitPicks - you can't beat the price. I knit a pair of socks for my niece while we were in Florida for this yarn and it worked up very nicely.

Here's Trekking XXL below - this is a very hot sock yarn. Although I haven't worked with it personally, I've seen others working with it and just had to have it. Hence, the five skeins!

To the left is Socks That Rock! This yarn has a cult following and is only available in two stores in Canada!

And finally, this is Sock Candy from Blue Moon Fibers - it is handpainted cotton. It is beautiful - feeling is believing in this case. As I said, somewhere at the bottom of this there may be another picture of Socks that Rock - but far be it from me to check since I appear to have managed to post all the pictures I wanted to.

Ok so now I'm really mad!

I spent hours yesterday trying to get all my pictures loaded onto my blog and this morning I look and half of them are missing. Is there a blog picture thief? Ugh!!!! I think the problem was trying to figure out how to put links on my sidebar - which I did not accomplish - and somehow, I lost the pictures. I will re-post them this afternoon - now I am waiting for my son to get out of the shower - he better not miss the bus - it's his regular thing! And he does not hurry no matter how late he is. I have a signal with the bus driver - if our porch light is on then he's coming. She waits and waits - one of these days she's going to think I had the light on by mistake and she will drive away.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another try at pictures....

Ok - so I will try again to post the sock yarn pictures. All the kids have gotten to school on their buses so I have the house to myself and should be able to do this. Tonight is my night to work at Unwind Yarn House , for the Stitch n Bitch. It's so much fun - I love it!
This is one sock finished out of Plymouth Sockotta - I picked this one up in Punta Gorda Florida in a cute little shop. I haven't finished the other one yet because I just had to cast on my Cascade Fixation sock and give that yarn a try.

This yarn is from Unwind Yarn House. Wendy originally brought it in for bikinis but it's fabulous for socks because it has some elastic.

Here's the sock started - my absolute favourite way of knitting socks is 2 circulars. It makes perfect sense to my feeble little brain. These I started on 2.5 mm but switched to 3.5 mm after the ribbing because it was too tight. And this sock is actually for me - how about that?

Trekking XXL - I'm surprised I haven't cast at least one of these on yet. Aren't they beautiful? I had to contain myself from buying all the colours.



Finally, I got some pictures taken of my recent aquisitions! It was pretty funny this morning with my yarn spread out over the basement. Oh....yes and another acquisition - a new notebook computer. How fun is this? Checking email, blogging all over the house - not chained to a desk in the basement!

Below is the Blue Sky Alpacas for my son's Korean host family. 37 skeins to create the Ombre blanket from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

This is the blanket underway - I'm just on the second section. It's so cosy and fluffy - I just love it so far!

It just occurred to me that maybe I shouldn't be having a blog - I just spent 30 minutes trying to upload pictures of sock yarn - do you see any pictures of sock yarn? Nope, me either! That shows how computer literate I it's late so I will try again tomorrow. It's too bad too, because I have some great sock yarn!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Fun, Fun, Fun on Sunday

Today was a great day despite the rain - my knitting friend Sarah, Sarah's mom and I headed to Lettuce Knit today for some knitting adventures. It was Sarah and Debbie's first visit and they loved it as much as I do. Debbie has just knit socks and she plunked down some cash for some amazing Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky for her first sweater. Sarah and I were mesmorized by the sock yarn. I came home with Trekking XXL in five colours, Koigu in 2 or 3, Socks that Rock in 1, Sock Candy in 2. Not to mention my big purchase - the Blue Sky Alpaca blanket in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It is coming along really nicely - I will post pictures soon. My son is going to Korea this summer and the blanket is a gift for the family he is staying with. I'm also working on a sock in Cascade Fixation - I really like this yarn - I love the stretch! Stay tuned for the pictures!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My first post...........for my first blog! I guess some personal stats would be name is Connie, I'm 45, have 3 children, one husband and live out in the country with our horses, dogs and cats. I am addicted to my knitting - my latest project obsession is socks. I want to have the biggest collection of sock yarn in the world! Well..........maybe not the world but I want lots of choice when I'm looking in my stash. I just returned from a trip to Florida and while there, called around to local shops to see what kind of sock yarn they had. My decision to visit was based on what they had - Regia - no, I can get that here! I did get some Plymouth Sockotta - a cotton blend that is knitting up very nicely. Speaking of socks - I knit my husband the most beautiful pair of alpaca socks and he says they itch his ankles - strike him off my knitting gift list! My littlest daughter, fortunately for me, loves homemade socks - just finished a pair for my 11 year old neice and she was thrilled. I knit them with Knit Picks sock yarn in Hydrangea - they looked great but I'm not convinced it's my favourite yarn. Price is certainly right but I'm a person who's knit socks from Artyarns Ultramerino - they are finished with a price tag of $56 for the pair - does that give you some idea of my spending habits when it comes to yarn!