Thursday, April 27, 2006

Last Attempt

Boy oh Boy! This is not easy - I've had the pictures posted several times then lose one, reload - lose two - now I think at the bottom of this page is another picture of Socks that Rock but I'm scared to scroll down to find out! To the left is Sock Yarn from KnitPicks - you can't beat the price. I knit a pair of socks for my niece while we were in Florida for this yarn and it worked up very nicely.

Here's Trekking XXL below - this is a very hot sock yarn. Although I haven't worked with it personally, I've seen others working with it and just had to have it. Hence, the five skeins!

To the left is Socks That Rock! This yarn has a cult following and is only available in two stores in Canada!

And finally, this is Sock Candy from Blue Moon Fibers - it is handpainted cotton. It is beautiful - feeling is believing in this case. As I said, somewhere at the bottom of this there may be another picture of Socks that Rock - but far be it from me to check since I appear to have managed to post all the pictures I wanted to.


Sarah said...

I figured out the links on the sidebar. I will show you on Saturday!

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