Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another try at pictures....

Ok - so I will try again to post the sock yarn pictures. All the kids have gotten to school on their buses so I have the house to myself and should be able to do this. Tonight is my night to work at Unwind Yarn House , for the Stitch n Bitch. It's so much fun - I love it!
This is one sock finished out of Plymouth Sockotta - I picked this one up in Punta Gorda Florida in a cute little shop. I haven't finished the other one yet because I just had to cast on my Cascade Fixation sock and give that yarn a try.

This yarn is from Unwind Yarn House. Wendy originally brought it in for bikinis but it's fabulous for socks because it has some elastic.

Here's the sock started - my absolute favourite way of knitting socks is 2 circulars. It makes perfect sense to my feeble little brain. These I started on 2.5 mm but switched to 3.5 mm after the ribbing because it was too tight. And this sock is actually for me - how about that?

Trekking XXL - I'm surprised I haven't cast at least one of these on yet. Aren't they beautiful? I had to contain myself from buying all the colours.


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Unwinder said...

You're so funny! Nice sock shots! Thanks for mentioning the store dude. My link doesn't work though...? See you later for lunch!