Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grandma's Sweater

Tah Dah! I did get Grandma's sweater finished in time for her birthday. Sorry about the poor picture quality - it's the only picture I took and I didn't realize it was so bad. The colors I used, in order, are: Petal Shower, Into the Mystic, Punky Fuschia, Pansy Golightly and Midnight Derby. I used Into the Mystic for the trim - no tie and the neck and no buttons. She's been wearing it at the hospital ever since I gave it to her - every day, all day!

She's still profoundly weak and truly, I'm not sure she's going to be able to climb back up this mountain she's at the bottom of. Yesterday I would have said she had a good chance because she's a fighter but today she won't even get out of bed. I just pray she keeps fighting.

And on a happier note - isn't this sweater gorgeous? It's Tempest from Knitty! Angela made a shop sample of it out of Indigo Moon Sportweight Semi Red and Black - stunning!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Good: I finished Grandma's sweater and it's blocking at home.

Bad: The camera is at the shop with me so no pictures yet.

Good: It's gorgeous and blocked out big enough to fit her.

Bad: Now my oldest daughter can't have it because it will fit Grandma.

Good: I've started a Blue Sky Alpaca Silk sweater called Henley Perfected.

Bad: I'm going to be killed in Sock Wars III for sure because I just frogged the sock due to tension beyond comprehension.

Good: Dora will survive to play another round in Sock Wars III because I'm so useless at this game.

Bad: Grandma is back in the hospital.

Good: She's in Southlake Regional because me and my aunt drove her there - no more Humber Memorial for her ever!

Bad: She's developed diabetes from the stupid Prednisone that they are giving her to combat the low platelets.

Good: Her platelets are holding at 47.

Bad: Her blood sugar is all over the place.

Good: Her 89th birthday is Thursday and I have an awesome gift for her.

Bad: Grandma is retaining fluid and/or has pneumonia - another wonderful side effect of Prednisone.

Good: She's a fighter and is doing ok considering......

Bad: I'm here at the shop which I usually love instead of being at the hospital.

Good: Sara just showed up to knit with me.

What's good/bad for you today?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ho hum....

Look at this.........2 posts in 2 days! Must be some sort of record for me. Here I sit with a skein of Super 10 cotton on my desk and a ball of Kauni - both are taunting me. They are just begging to be knit into something. Yesterday I wound up some Kauni in preparation for this sweater but I cannot cast on because I must finish my grandmother's sweater. Actually, the list of things to finish extends way beyond just that one sweater - there's also my Sock Wars III socks which now must be frogged because I'm afraid my gauge is off and I don't want to disappoint my target. Don't worry Dora I am going to send you a pair of socks regardless of what happens with this crazy game I decided to play???? There's also the Blue Sky Alpaca Silk Shrug which is gorgeous but consists of miles and miles of stockinette to be finished by 6 (yup! 6)inches of ribbing.....urrrrr! Oh and the Super 10 cotton - well, I want to make the Bacardi sweater from No Sheep For You but don't have the book and am currently fighting the urge of racing to Chapters to buy it! Or maybe I'll make this cuz I can cast on right away - no driving to get the pattern. What the heck is wrong with me?

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ok - Lynn - Sarah - here's the post! No need to worry I'm still alive but busy, distracted, worried, happy, name it, I've been it this past month and a half. I'll start with the present and work backwards.........first, our Yarn Crawl last Saturday! Here's our little group from Pick Up Sticks - I stayed behind at the shop and rumor has it, they had a blast!

From left is Sarah with Oscar the Boxer, Meghan, Angela, Claire, Carol, Lisa and Vel.

My dear, dear grandma has been very ill. She's been in the hospital for about 3 weeks altogether in the last month which has kept me with her instead of at the shop or at home. She's home again now, but is still weak and hopefully, will just keep getting better. Her platelet count dropped to below 10 which left her at a big risk for bleeding or stroke - she's been on Prednisone to try and boost her count but it keeps going up and down. I'm extremely close to my grandmother and I'm truly worried sick - she's a very bright, alert and up until now active 88 year old. I cannot stand the thought of losing her but at the same time don't want her to spend the rest of her life in and out of the hospital. This is all compounded by the fact that my 'other' family and I do not see eye to eye on things - they think she's old, and I think I don't care how old she is, I want the same care for her as if she were 38. I've called my grandmother every single day for the last 11 years - sometimes more than once a day and now I find myself wondering what I'll do when that is not an option. We've talked about her death, my grandmother and I and she tells me, never to be sad when she's gone because we've had a wonderful relationship which few have the chance to share. And it's true.........I'm lucky but still....

Prior to my grandmother's husband's uncle died suddenly which led to 2 trips to London Ontario and then my brother-in-law's parents were in a car accident in Guelph.....really, since we've been back from Florida (which was wonderful, with terrific weather and terrific yarn shops!)we've been dealing with some kind of family crisis or another.....

But now I'm back so let's move on to happier stuff.....

I've been knitting....a Tulips for my Grandmother's 89th Birthday ...this May 22! - almost done the body!

Pascoalina gets a chart reading lesson from Lisa and......

And Mary completed and wears her Alpaca Silk Cardigan - it's fabulous and so is she!