Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Good: I finished Grandma's sweater and it's blocking at home.

Bad: The camera is at the shop with me so no pictures yet.

Good: It's gorgeous and blocked out big enough to fit her.

Bad: Now my oldest daughter can't have it because it will fit Grandma.

Good: I've started a Blue Sky Alpaca Silk sweater called Henley Perfected.

Bad: I'm going to be killed in Sock Wars III for sure because I just frogged the sock due to tension beyond comprehension.

Good: Dora will survive to play another round in Sock Wars III because I'm so useless at this game.

Bad: Grandma is back in the hospital.

Good: She's in Southlake Regional because me and my aunt drove her there - no more Humber Memorial for her ever!

Bad: She's developed diabetes from the stupid Prednisone that they are giving her to combat the low platelets.

Good: Her platelets are holding at 47.

Bad: Her blood sugar is all over the place.

Good: Her 89th birthday is Thursday and I have an awesome gift for her.

Bad: Grandma is retaining fluid and/or has pneumonia - another wonderful side effect of Prednisone.

Good: She's a fighter and is doing ok considering......

Bad: I'm here at the shop which I usually love instead of being at the hospital.

Good: Sara just showed up to knit with me.

What's good/bad for you today?


Anonymous said...

Hope your Grandmother gets better. See you on Wednesday at SnB.

Anonymous said...

Hope your Grandmother get better soon - see you at SnB tonight.

Dora said...

Hope Gran is better soon. She is in my prayers.

Woo Hoo.... more sock making for me until I get killed off in Sock Wars :)

You're too cute. I was lucky for some reason my gauge was dead on and no problem.

Isobel said...

Connie: I am sending you a big hug. I hope your grandmother is getting better - my sister has had two kidney transplants, I know all about predisone.

Keeping you and your grandmother in my prayers.