Easy Breezy Summer Knitalong!

Start Summer with A Little Knitted Bliss

If you're anything like me, you love the idea of a knitalong....picking a project and a yarn that everyone agrees on and knitting away happily surrounded by good friends, but maybe you've been hesitant because you haven't found something that suited your taste in yarn or pattern choice.

Well, the perfect project has come along just in time for summer, and you've invited to cast on with us and join us for a Breezy Cardigan Knitalong!

The new Breezy Cardigan, by Hannah Fettig, is described on Hannah's blog, Knitbot, as "knitted bliss"! And it is just that!

Imagine the perfect cardigan project, easy enough for a beginner and  relaxing yet interesting for a more experienced knitter,  and you can knit it out of almost any lightweight yarn you can think of.

Love whisper-soft lightweight lace yarn?  It will be perfect!  We recommend either Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label or Silver Label.    And we'll even order in the exact color  and quantity you want if we don't have it in stock.

In sizes ranging from 34.75" to 61.25", Hannah's newest cardigan pattern really is perfect for any and every knitter and suitable for any lightweight yarn!

Beginning June 7, 2011, join us at Pick Up Sticks for this fun knitalong project.  We're getting together Tuesday evenings from 7pm-9pm and Thursday afternoons from 1pm-3pm to share projects, an encoouraging and helpful spirit, and lots of laughter.

Order and purchase your yarn and pattern today to guarantee your spot and take advantage of the store wide sale until May 28, 2011 to buy your project yarn at 25% off.  Call or email with any questions you might have and take a look at Hannah's website for more information about this fantastic new pattern at http://www.knitbot.com

You can find all the pricing information at Pick Up Sticks, along with all the color choices.

We hope you're as excited to cast on as we are on June 7, 2011.  Get ready for an easy-breezy summer of knitting fun and new friendships!