Monday, February 13, 2012

Time flies

Wow! I can hardly believe that it has been more than six months since I've blogged. I could go on and on about why, why not, etc, etc but suffice to say that I am feeling very well after a very difficult time. I did manage to finish 2/3 of my real estate course and plan to complete that in the Spring. We've decided not to downsize after all - finding something to replace what we have is much more difficult than we thought - that and uprooting my dad from his cosy little home and Emma from her friends became more than we wanted to take on. So we are staying!

I have managed to find a new yarn home -I am happily working at The Yarn Store inside The Quilt Store (Evelyn's Sewing Center), 17817 Leslie Street Newmarket. So from now on I will be blogging at

Come check it out!

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