Monday, June 27, 2011

So what's up with Connie?

Well, nothing life is in a bit of a chaos at the marriage is fine, my kids are fine, but there is just stuff that keeps distracting me to such an extent that I really need to take a break.....I don't want to get all Facebook-ish about it and plaster my business all over the internet so here's what's happening.
We have decided to sell our farm - we find ourselves with an empty nest except for Emma and now it's just too much to manage. We are picturing ourselves on a much smaller property with perhaps an oasis in the backyard with enough room for the dogs and us but not so big that we are forever working to pay for it, and forever working on it's upkeep. So for Pick Up Sticks that means I need to either find a new location for the Fall (or whenever the house sells) or be able to have it where we live depending on where we move. Because a country property can take such a long time to sell, we can't really look around for anything until it's been sold. So there's lots up in the air......lots! I will be closed this week and re open on July 6th. I am planning to update the website with all the remaining stock so that online shoppers can also take advantage of the moving sale.
So the new hours for the Summer are as follows:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday Closed
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday OPEN 11AM-4PM
Everything in the store is 40% off because I have no desire to move it all......

The house isn't going to be listed until August and likely will take some time to sell since it's a farm so you'll have lots of time to shop.

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