Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sad News

My dear grandmother passed away on June 14, 2008. This was really unexpected even with how ill she was - at least to me. She died of hospital induced pneumonia along with many other complications. Apparently, this type of pneumonia is very resistant to antibiotics - and it was because they were blasting it with 3 different heavy duty ones. I can't really believe she's gone - I know she was 89 which by any standards is a remarkable life but I just never thought it would happen. I was able to speak the eulogy at her funeral which was an honor because she was such an amazing woman. I will miss her. This picture was taken on Christmas Day - 4 generations of women. Grandma, my daughter Laura, me and my grand daughter, Quinn.

I have been knitting - I took some time off from the shop - and spent long hours with knitting in my lap. This project is excellent for keeping your mind occupied - not to mention the gorgeous results.
Iris by Susan Pandorf
Silk Twist by Handmaiden (have you tried this yet? you really, really should!)

Delicas Beads in Navy Iris from That Bead Lady
And for when I haven't felt like concentrating, I've started this. My version of the Ombre Alpaca Blanket from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It's done with 30 skeins of timiQuipa Sportweight Alpaca for a total cost of just over $210 - much better than the $450 Blue Sky Alpaca version.
It's super soft and not a bit scratchy. This yarn is a keeper.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

WWKIP Online Sale

Ok so here's the deal - comment on my blog about your plans for WWKIP (it's June 14th and it's ok if you don't have knitting plans but you must comment on how you feel about knitting in public) and you will receive a 20% off your order at Pick Up Sticks to celebrate WWKIP. So comment first - don't forget your name - and then place your order. We will credit your paypal account with the sale discount upon processing. No comment = no discount. Why you ask? Well, the KIPPERS on Saturday don't receive their discounts unless they knit outside for 15 minutes so this is our way of having you participate as well!

Want to save even more? If you have a discount shopping bag, we will give you 30% off your order - please remind us in the comments section of your order! This is a one time deal because usually the bag discounts do not apply to sales! Don't have a shopping bag? You can still get them - they are $20 and allow you a 10% discount for one full year in addition to the extra 10% on this sale.

Have fun!

Sale Ends Friday, June 13th at 6 pm EST.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Don't forget June 14th is World Wide Knit in Public Day! Lisa and I have put the finishing on our festivities today. We are getting so excited and I, for one, am really looking forward to some fun because Grandma is back in the hospital and now appears confused. Confused actually doesn't quite describe it but I don't have the strength to go into a big long discussion about it - suffice to say it's incredibly sad.

And now....let me introduce our new Sheep Family which arrived in the mail from dear Jeannette all the way from Quebec. Mama Sheep, Papa Sheep and three wee baby sheep!
Above our sheep family is my new obsession - excellent knitting for keeping you focused when you don't want to think about other things. She's Iris and you can read all about her here - very entertaining blog too! I am now carrying this pattern in the shop by the same designer - she's brilliant. Hope to see you Saturday! Don't you just love links? I'm feeling kinda linky today ;)