Thursday, June 12, 2008

WWKIP Online Sale

Ok so here's the deal - comment on my blog about your plans for WWKIP (it's June 14th and it's ok if you don't have knitting plans but you must comment on how you feel about knitting in public) and you will receive a 20% off your order at Pick Up Sticks to celebrate WWKIP. So comment first - don't forget your name - and then place your order. We will credit your paypal account with the sale discount upon processing. No comment = no discount. Why you ask? Well, the KIPPERS on Saturday don't receive their discounts unless they knit outside for 15 minutes so this is our way of having you participate as well!

Want to save even more? If you have a discount shopping bag, we will give you 30% off your order - please remind us in the comments section of your order! This is a one time deal because usually the bag discounts do not apply to sales! Don't have a shopping bag? You can still get them - they are $20 and allow you a 10% discount for one full year in addition to the extra 10% on this sale.

Have fun!

Sale Ends Friday, June 13th at 6 pm EST.


LaLa said...

I'm planning on knitting outside my local knitting store in Memphis for the day. This is such a great idea!
Laura Linneman aka LaLa

mrs_stitches said...

My local knitting shop has been participating in this great event since its onset. I will be knitting with the owner and other knitters outside the shop in Hamburg, PA (YarnsRUs). Let's hope the heatwave in this neck of the woods is over by then!

LynnK said...

I'm planning on joining the girls at Make 1 Yarn Studio in Calgary on Sat. (even if it starts to rain, again)
I usually knit on the bus to and from work, so knitting in public isn't a new thing. ; )

Lynn Kangas

OzB said...

I'm in London Ontario, and I know that a group of knitters are knitting in public on Saturday at Victoria Park. They are taking extra needles and yarn to teach anybody interested!

I am SO DISAPPOINTED that I can't be there because I have to work, BUT, I am contributing yarn for the event!

Thanks so much for the SUPER discounts Connie!

mrslaceknitter said...

I wish I were close enough to join you. I knit everywhere because I have to. It keeps me sane while I wait. I tend to get the impression that most people find it really odd, but maybe it's just that I'm odd! Who cares.

Anonymous said...

I would like to take my knitting over to the coffee shop and sit outside to knit if the weather is nice.

Anonymous said...

I'll be knitting on the beach... weather permitting!

Angela Gruwell

Crista said...

I plan to knit near High Rock Spring next to our Saturday Farmer's Market with a bunch of fellow knitters who are going to bring bag lunches.

It's one of the natural springs here where I live in Saratoga Springs, NY.

tweezer said...

hm well i don't have any real plans yet except to knit in public. maybe i'll invite some friends out to the park or beach to knit with me. hopefully i'll see other knitters out and about, too!

thanks for the awesome discount!

Lorraine G, Scarborough said...

I will probably join the group from The Purple Purl in Toronto who are going to knit in a nearby park.

Susan said...

My LYS is planning a big KIP but I have entered my dog in a dog show this weekend. So my plan is to knit in public at ringside while I watch the other dogs being judged. I usually do knit ringside so it won't be a big deal. Sometimes I spin fur from my shelties while at dog shows and that gets some interest. Last summer I taught my sister to knit so she also sits ringside with her knitting. Another exhibitor told us she was glad to see us knitting as she would like to bring her knitting to shows but was afraid that people would think she was weird. Maybe we'll eventually spawn a dog show knitting group!

I knit in public all the time and have found it to be a great conversation starter. Seniors, especially men, tell me about their mothers knitting on "all those needles" and sometimes I've had a chance to teach others to knit while waiting for appointments.

Susan Zivec

M said...

Going to the park with my 1 year old daughter and going to be knitting at the park. Hope it doesn't rain!

Tamara Grand said...

I've organized a local event for Knit in Public Day. Port Moody (and area) knitters are meeting at our local rec center to sit in the sun (we hope; it's been cold, grey and rainy here forever!) and knit. Many of us are Ravelry friends who have never before met in public. It will be tons of fun! Hope you guys enjoy your day too!
Tamara Grand aka 'fitknitchick' on Ravlery

Vanessa said...

Here in the States (central Illinois), I'll be knitting in public in several places as we have an early Father's Day celebration -- a local coffee shop, the movies, and the restaurant where we plan to have dinner.

Anonymous said...

I knit all the time in public - inspired by the yarn harlot :)
I have knit on the beach, at the pool, on the bus, at the coffee shop, at conferences, and always get lots of compliments. Tomorrow, I will knit while visiting with fellow workshop attendees and I will tell them it is WWKIP!

Betty Tang

whoknits said...

I plan on knitting in public at our local St. Jacobs' market !


Carina said...

I love knitting in public and my coworker and I knit in the food court every lunch break. But, on Saturday I will driving the Trans Canada Highway from Armstrong (about an hour north of Kelowna in BC) back home to Vancouver. So there will not be that much knitting done in public. Unless I get stuck behind a rock slide clearing crew like on Wednesday when driving to Armstrong from Calgary and get stopped for half an hour. I managed to whip out my knitting while waiting. The people in the cars behind me who had gotten out to stretch their legs looked at me quite oddly.

Phyll said...

Every day is knit in public day for me as I knit while I am at work. I work at a convenience store. I will make sure to tell all of my customers that it is "Knit in Public" day. If it's nice out before I go to work I am going to sit out by the curb and knit!!!!

joseyrio said...

I will be at a Wool Festival this weekend and I'm looking forward to knitting while watching all of the animals - especially the herding dog exhibition. I love meeting alpacas - I hope to have some one day. I love knitting in public!
Vicky Hammond

Anonymous said...

I'm heading to Pick Up Sticks in Bradford to knit with two others from my knitting group, Carole and Pam in Etobicoke!

See you on Saturday Connie!

Dawn Juruc