Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Smitten

with Tanis Fiber Arts DK (Shadow) - even more so after popping it in the washing machine (on delicate) and hanging it to dry. The pattern is Shawl that Jazz which you can find on Ravelry.com. I love this pattern - it's all garter stitch with some really unique construction for the ruffle. I really enjoyed making it. Just 3 skeins made a perfect size.

Next smitten worthy yarn - Malabrigo Sock. Just in on Friday and amazingly soft. Malabrigo is known for it's softness but this is just something else. It's ranks right up there with some of my favorite yarns. I'm working on Ulmus - another Ravelry pattern. Two colorways Indiecieta and Abril alternated.

Good news! Dream in Color Starry is on the way - it might even arrive today and some new yarn from a new Canadian Indie Dyer - the yarn is called Champagne - now doesn't that just conjure up some amazing images. I think you better check us out this week....lots new and fun!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Cutest Sweater Ever!

Is this not the cutest sweater ever?

It's the Baby Surprise Jacket knit from Jojoland Rhythm by the very talented Sarah Preston. I took this from her blog and I know she won't mind because we're friends and it was just too cute not to share! Oh and by the way - Sarah is the talent behind the Pick Up Sticks Sock Club patterns and I see she has them on her blog all ready to start selling - except there are no buy now buttons from Paypal. Why don't you take a wander over there and tell her to get that done so lots more people can have those awesome patterns?

The Yarn Crawl was very successful - despite the downpour - thank you to every one who dropped in. It's always so great to see everyone. Next up is WWKIP on June 13 and guess what - you going to get pizza for lunch at Pick Up Sticks!

It's my day off today - I'm surrounded by a huge pile of laundry - seems my son decided to clean his room and since he never puts his clean clothes away, he thought I could just wash them again.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Crawl Baby Crawl...

today is our Yarn Crawl day. The title should probably be Swim Baby Swim because it's pouring....pouring!

I must be on some sort of garter stitch roll - I've knit the Log Cabin Blanket - all garter stitch, working on Whirly Gig - all garter stitch, and now Shawl that Jazz out of Tanis Fiber Arts DK - gah! I love this yarn - now I totally get the term sproing-y - because this yarn is sproing-y for sure! This colorway is Shadow - filled with loads of greys and bits of light blue turquoise. Mmm! Mmm! Good!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Something to pass the time....

It's quieted down in here today so I decided to blog now to pass the last 30 minutes of the day.....Linda brought this gorgeous store sample back today - it's made from Luxury Merino DK and the pattern is out of a Sublime Book - Second Cashmere I think?!? This is size 6-7 - she lengthened it a bit and still had yarn left over. Cute, eh?
Me - I've been working on this gathered scarf from Ravelry out of Socks that Rock in the Lettuce Knit colorway. I wanted to make something other than a pair of socks because I just loved the colors and thought they should be more visible to the naked eye!
Hey Sarah! Look what I can get? Telus came out with a Mike Net Blackberry. Now we can email Blackbird to Blackbird.
We use Mike Net which is a walkie talkie kind of thing - it saves money because it's just $10 per month for both of our phones. Everyone Greg works with has a Mike phone so he has to have it. I personally can't stand using the darn thing - I'm much better with instant gratification. I can't standing waiting for someone to respond.....beep! beep! hello? hello? Apparently, the etiquette of the whole thing is to beep and not say anything so then the person answering can wait until he's free. So he doesn't have to answer while he's talking to someone at the bank or whatever....but my question is this....how do I know if you got the beep in the first place?