Monday, May 11, 2009

The Cutest Sweater Ever!

Is this not the cutest sweater ever?

It's the Baby Surprise Jacket knit from Jojoland Rhythm by the very talented Sarah Preston. I took this from her blog and I know she won't mind because we're friends and it was just too cute not to share! Oh and by the way - Sarah is the talent behind the Pick Up Sticks Sock Club patterns and I see she has them on her blog all ready to start selling - except there are no buy now buttons from Paypal. Why don't you take a wander over there and tell her to get that done so lots more people can have those awesome patterns?

The Yarn Crawl was very successful - despite the downpour - thank you to every one who dropped in. It's always so great to see everyone. Next up is WWKIP on June 13 and guess what - you going to get pizza for lunch at Pick Up Sticks!

It's my day off today - I'm surrounded by a huge pile of laundry - seems my son decided to clean his room and since he never puts his clean clothes away, he thought I could just wash them again.

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