Thursday, April 20, 2006

My first post...........for my first blog! I guess some personal stats would be name is Connie, I'm 45, have 3 children, one husband and live out in the country with our horses, dogs and cats. I am addicted to my knitting - my latest project obsession is socks. I want to have the biggest collection of sock yarn in the world! Well..........maybe not the world but I want lots of choice when I'm looking in my stash. I just returned from a trip to Florida and while there, called around to local shops to see what kind of sock yarn they had. My decision to visit was based on what they had - Regia - no, I can get that here! I did get some Plymouth Sockotta - a cotton blend that is knitting up very nicely. Speaking of socks - I knit my husband the most beautiful pair of alpaca socks and he says they itch his ankles - strike him off my knitting gift list! My littlest daughter, fortunately for me, loves homemade socks - just finished a pair for my 11 year old neice and she was thrilled. I knit them with Knit Picks sock yarn in Hydrangea - they looked great but I'm not convinced it's my favourite yarn. Price is certainly right but I'm a person who's knit socks from Artyarns Ultramerino - they are finished with a price tag of $56 for the pair - does that give you some idea of my spending habits when it comes to yarn!

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