Friday, September 24, 2010

Husband With A Black Eye

Yup - a black eye! Happened on Monday when this pony decided to go AWOL and leave the barn. Greg tried to stop him and ran face first into the chain that is supposed to keep wayward horses in the barn. To compound the situation, he also had the cold that I was recovering from. This photo really doesn't show the worst of it - he was a bloody mess on Tuesday morning.

The pony pics were taken before all the ruckus - don't the girls look cute with their ponies. Emma and Gidget are developing a nice relationship - she's such a good little pony and Emma just loves her.
This jump surprised both Emma and Gidget - Emma didn't realize how high and wide it was and neither did Gidget - but they made it!
Another nice jump - Emma's going to have a long winter - she wants to get this pony to the Royal Winter Fair next year which will mean lots of practice and lots of horse shows starting in early Spring.

Started my Woman's Energy Knit A Long in Viola Fancy Lace - I'm at about 30 sts between markers - (there's 8 markers) so far so good, it's really very simple. The only issue I had was the circular cast on with just 9 stitches but once I got past that it was fine. The chart I am on will get me to over 600 stitches so I have a ways to go but truly it's much easier than it looks! Pictures tomorrow - promise!


Anonymous said...

Hope Greg is feeling better. He looks like he is in pain. Go make him tea.

Carol said...

Ouch. That black eye is impressive. Hopefully he will be feeling much better soon.