Sunday, February 27, 2011

All together now....

Hurray! is back! Not all the way back but live and working so you can order the new stuff of which there's quite a bit so far and the sale stuff!

All the Spilly Jane's are up and boy oh! boy am I a fan of the patterns and the yarn! You will be too! Sunday Knits is a dream to work with - have a look here and what we've got!

Tanis' Four Seasons Hat Kits arrived - Sarah is busying working on a sample. I've got one all picked out to make too!

One of the new Indie Dyers is expected this week - my new fiber from Zen Yarn Garden has arrived and is scheduled to arrive here around the end of March or so.

I'll post some pics tomorrow of Isidora mittens - sooooo, soooo pretty!

It's Oscar time!

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