Thursday, February 03, 2011

Giddy Up Gidget!

I've been hard at work on a project for Emma - a horse sweater! - one of the riders at the barn showed up one day with this amazing Cowichan sweater that she got for Christmas from Aritzia - I searched high and low for it for Emma with no success and truthfully, was not all the excited about the $85 price tag that went along with the store bought one. So began my search for a horse sweater - and finally I decided to follow Meghan's example and buy a kit. I switched the reindeers to horses, the other designs to horse shoes, added her name on the back, lengthened it alot and now I'm proud to say - it's almost done - just drying and then buttons! The best part is Emma loves it!

New yarns have been pouring in here for me to check out - here's the pile of yes yarns - yarns that will be coming to Pick Up Sticks. Most of the new yarns we hope to debut at the Knitter's Frolic in Toronto on April 30th - I can't be there this year because I will be on my way back from Florida but the magnificent Meghan and the super Sarah along with some others will be manning the booth!
Oh and this little pile of gorgeousness - I'm casting on this afternoon. New kits coming to us soon! Can't tell because it's all part of the new plans!
I begin setting up a new refreshed website next week too! I'm excited about that - we will still be live on line until the actual day of the big switch. Lots of work to do - fun, fun, fun!


Rayna said...

Nice meeting you on Saturday, Connie - my husband's madelinetosh hat in Twig is nearly done and the yarn is lovely!!

I'd love to get one of your Tanis hat/mitt kits when you have them ready to go...any chance you are going to try and put together a red/orange/yellow combo as well?

Creativehands said...

The sweater turned out gorgeous! The horses look like they're dancing! You're right, though, the best part is Emma likes it! WOW!
I'm lucky if a hat makes the cut, so I'm not even trying a sweater for my darlings.