Friday, February 04, 2011

Guess What's On the Way to....

Pick Up Sticks?
Ball Winders $22.49

Set of Harmony Wood DPNs $42.49

Swift $72.49

Harmony Wood Interchangeable Set

There's also the Nickel Plated Interchangeable Set coming as well. Knit Picks offers a program for stores to buy the needles and tools for our customers - so let me worry about the duty and exchange - they should be here by the end of next week so pop in and have a look! I'm currently knitting with the Harmony Wood DPNs and I love 'em!

In the comments yesterday, Rayna asked when I would have the kits ready for the Grammy Hat and Mitten Kits and the answer is today - I'm doing them in 4 colors.

Original: Teal, Mallard, Spearmint, Buttercup

Girls : Grape. Lilac, Sweetheart,

Boys: Midnight, Chestnut, Garnet, Amber

Neutral: Sand, Shadow, Stormy, Olive

Couldn't get the red, orange, yellow to work :)
Thanks to Tanis for permission to make the kits and distribute the patterns!

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