Thursday, April 07, 2011

Catch Up

I've had pictures taken for ages of my finished socks and my next project but as usual time has gotten away from me.....I finished my toe up 2 at a time socks and truly, I am addicted to this method. It got a bit iffy when I was on the leg and felt as if I might never finish but when 2 complete socks came off the needles and straight onto my feet - I felt amazing! Not to mention, virtually no left overs! Yay! - 2 socks to wear - not just one!

Next on the needles is the Pueblo Stole from Sunday Knits. A beautiful scarf that utilizes the color palette that Carol has put together to perfection. This colorway is called Earth and Sky and hopefully will be done for the Frolic. But have no fear - all 5 colorways will be there along with samples of all of them - well, that is if I finish Earth and Sky so that would mean 4 samples for sure! I'm almost done the first half - so it is much bigger now than when I took the picture. The kits will be here tomorrow so if you just can't wait - then you can stop in and see them.

Oh and did you see Meghan's latest - her next Necklaces for Knitter's is ready to go - it's gorgeous!

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