Monday, May 29, 2006

Batteries Working!

Here's some shots of my lace progress - I personally think it's beautiful! The 2 strands of Sea Silk go really well together. I've also been working valiantly on my alpaca blanket - I have 4 sections left to go with 215 stitches per row and 32 rows per section. Yikes! Not a pleasant project with all this humidity.

I'm sure there will be more yarn in the mail today - it's a real treat to receive yarn in the mail! I will post more pictures of my recent acquisitions as soon as they arrive.

We've ordered an above ground pool - it should be coming this week! I can't wait - it's going to make a great summer for the kids. Not too mention the mom who won't be able to do anything in the house because I have to watch the kids. Poor me!

The teenage boy has risen and wants to be driven to school - seems they won't let him back into his first period class without some demonstration of his commitment on his part. Fair enough - however, he is not committed and so there goes that! Hopefully, he will learn some lessons in Korea about the ways of the world. I keep telling him he won't be able to go if he doesn't straighten up but my husband and my dad insist that it will be good for him to be on his own. I'm afraid this boy is going to have learn things the hard way.


Candice said...

Oh, thats beautiful. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

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