Monday, May 22, 2006

More lace progress.

Here's some more progress on my lace shawl! It's going really well and I've made it through one whole repeat with no tearing back. I've completed two repeats now. I had promised myself that as soon as the ball of yarn that I was using was done that I would switch to my alpaca blanket - but did I do that? - nope I'm well into the third repeat with a new ball of yarn. I love how it's coming along - the pattern is called Bamboo Shoot Shawl.

Here's our 2 year old Golden Retriever, Misty and my daughter's cat, Spy.... they are the best of friends. It is hilarious to see Misty and Spy running around together - we all think that Spy either thinks he's a dog, or wishes he was one.

Here's Kings Deputy, one of our 6 horses! He is a retired racehorse. Retired due to injury - we brought him back from a race track in New Mexico. He healed for about 6 mos. with a woman who really saved his life and then when he was well enough - home he came! My eldest daughter,Laura, was his groom when he raced and they formed a special bond. She was devastated when he was sent to the US to race and was ultimately claimed by another farm. She followed him via the internet and knew immediately when he was injured. Through lots of luck and determination, we tracked down his trainer and arranged to have him back. He was her 21st birthday present. Now he lives a life of leisure here with his other horse friends.

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Sarah said...


I forgot that I have a workshop tomorrow after school so I won't be able to come in the afternoon. I will still see you in the evening though!!! (I would rather knit than do a math workshop just in case you wondered)