Friday, May 12, 2006

A full day!

Wow! I had a full day today - the shop was very steady so I really had no time to knit - it frustrates me not to make any progress but my husband does remind me that I am not paid to knit - which is true!

We sold out of Sensational Socks today and have only 7 balls of Trekking left out of 20. Meghan and I finalized the June class schedule. And Wendy's lovely baby girl is still unnamed.

Tomorrow we are going to Woodbine racetrack for a day of thoroughbred racing and lunch. It's a belated celebration for my dad's birthday. The buffet at the racetrack is amazing! You can eat for 5 whole hours! Pure joy!

This morning before work, Greg (my husband), Lisa (my sister) and I went to Future Shop and buy my dad his gift - we bought him a 37" LCD TV - it looks like a giant flat screen monitor. Lisa and I were so excited we were on the cell phone to my dad before we even got out of the store - neither of us can keep secrets! Since it was such a large purchase we've decided it's his birthday, Father's Day, housewarming (he's moving to a new home on our farm) and possibly Christmas.

We've been two days without home phone service - I have called Bell Canada 3 times and they said it would be fixed by 9 pm tonight - it's 9:09 and still no phone. It's really beginning to bug me - especially when cell phones are so unreliable. I swear if someone was holding a gun to your head and you needed that cell phone to work it wouldn't.

One last thing - we are going to join a Trekking sock knit-a-long as the Unwind Team. Anyone interested? So far there is Meghan, me and Sarah. You have June - August to knit your sock and you have to take a picture at least once a month wearing the socks and hiking somewhere - Fairy Lake sounds like a good place to hike. :)

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