Monday, May 01, 2006


Here's the progress on my Blue Sky Alpacas blanket. It is sooooo beautiful I wonder why I'm giving it away. I'm on the 4th section and it is keeping me very interested (despite 215 stitches and k1 sl 1 for one row and knit for the other row!). I haven't touched any other knitting since starting this and must admit that I am missing my socks! Today I am off to the dentist - at Royal York and Bloor - why do I have a dentist way down there? I have no idea - it's getting a bit far when the trips are more frequent.

I had a great day at Unwind on Saturday - Sarah and Erin spent some time knitting with me and Lachman - my first knitting student - stopped in for a visit. The shop was busy with browsers - all good! Lots of new yarn is on it's way - I can't wait!

I have the pattern for Handmaiden Stormwater Shawl and that is definitely going to be my first stab at lace knitting. It's gorgeous! We only have one skein left in the shop - more is on the way soon!

One more bit of news - I have mastered the swift and ball winder - customers asking for their skeins to be wound no longer makes me sweat! I am the notorious yarn tangler at the shop - I've tangled silk, I've tangled dreadlocks from Fleece Artist - you name it, I've tangled it! Thankfully, that's all in the past.......I hope!

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