Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Socks that Rock?

Ok - so this morning I get an email from Lettuce Knit that more Socks that Rock! have arrived. I quickly go to the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website, choose my colors and wait for 11 am. That's what time the shop opens. Well, I got sidetracked at 11 am and didn't manage to call until 1:20 pm - a mere 2 hours and 20 minutes later and guess what? Only 5 skeins left out of all that they received. Seems I was not the only one wanting this yarn. Well, of course, I snapped up those 5 skeins like nobody's business. I suppose you could say I might, perhaps, have a sock yarn addiction when I will buy it sight unseen.

I am valiantly fighting off the urge to cast on yet another pair of socks. The Lisa Souza sock yarn is sitting on my kitchen counter calling my name. But I must resist - I have to finish this alpaca blanket - June 27th is creeping up and that's the day my son leaves for Korea so that blanket has to be done.

Got the ok from Wendy today to order lots and lots and lots of Koigu for Unwind. Yipee!

And the baby girl has a name - Jillian Oscella MacAlpine. Worth the wait!

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Knick Kname 2B said...

Hi there; so glad that there's more coming to Unwind! Always fun to go check out new yarn; and yes I guess I'm preaching to the choir!
So how big is our little Jillian? Isn't it wonderful to have another little baby around? Keep on knitting and see you around.