Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nice weather, eh?

Today is definitely a sit and knit day - but did I get to do that? - nope! instead I got to go to Yonge and Sheppard and wait and wait and wait to apply for my son's passport. I did get a few rows in of my Koigu socks - I stopped into Zeller's and they had some yarn that I will not mention, on sale - I was just dying to go tell all the ladies about Unwind but my husband said he would muzzle me if I even dared. He probably also knew that I would have to try and talk to them about this particular type of yarn versus what I love. And we all know where that will lead........don't even try to win an acrylic versus natural fiber argument with me.

The SnB was fun last night - Sarah's mom is actually starting a stash - it's too exciting. This from a woman who has taken a really long time to knit a pair of socks and who had to be practically dragged to the SnB at first! We all decided to go to the Da Vinci Code together - and wondered if we could get glow in the dark needles. How mad would that make the other movie goers?

We were actually in stitches - laughing stitches - when my sister brought up a pot bellied pig that used to live on our farm. George, the pig, was vicious. We couldn't go outside when George was out. My husband would stomp all over the house complaining about that ??&!!##@ pig digging up our lawn but would anyone go out and do anything? Nope, because George would come after you. I can't tell you the times I came running in the house being chased by George. George was the pet of a tenant on our property and he was very protective of her. So much so that if we even stepped off our porch while he was out - he'd come snorting after us! Make no mistake pot bellied pigs can move. There was a time when my son and husband had to do something electrical in her apartment and my son had to hold George off with a stick while my husband dealt with the problem. Even my son - tough boy that he is - said that was a vicious pig!
Here's the progress on my Trekking sock - I actually turned the heel and started the gusset at the SnB - not something I usually do in public because it requires my full attention. It's looking great! To the right of the Trekking is......more Trekking yarn! I just could not help myself - now that brings my Trekking total to 7 which includes the one I'm working on.

And my little bit of progress on my Koigu sock - this is what I worked on at the passport office - just straight knitting so it didn't require too much concentration!

I found another work in progress that I need to add to my list - it's a beautiful royal Blue Sky Alpaca worsted hand dye baby blanket for my grandson.

So that's 3 socks in progress, two blankets and one silk scarf! I am committed to finishing all of these before I start anything new - really, I am, I mean it!

Except if the Sea Silk from Handmaiden comes in - now that definitely deserves to be cast on - I can't wait to make the Stormwater Shawl.

Hopefully it will stop raining because I'd like to go by the store tonight and visit with Meghan - she's got a full sock class and I'm sure I can pick up some tips!

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