Thursday, May 25, 2006

More yarn.....

Just when I think I have all the yarn I could possibly use - you know, in case sheep become extinct - I buy more! Hand Maiden Sea Silk came into the store yesterday and of course, I had to have some and.....yup! started another project! The Stormwater Shawl - I'm using a mostly solid blue and a varigated with lime, blue, pink. The picture is not great.

These are the Trekking XXL sock yarn that came in this week to the store as well. They are amazing but you will all be glad to know that I restrained myself. Well, at least up until now.

Today I am off to my grandmother's - I'm going to take the camera and take pictures of her garden. You just have to see what this amazing 87 year old does with flowers.

WWKIP (World Wide Knitting in Public) posters are in the window of the shop - we have classes scheduled that day and plan to do them outside provided the weather co-operates. Come and join us on June 10!

Ok one child is successfully gone to school - the teenage boy - who, by the way, has been excused from 2 classes this semester due to poor attendance (no surprise there!) and poor marks. He came home last night all mad because he only wanted out of French - he wants to stay in Geography and the Vice Principal said no. What is that about? If he wants to stay in the class, he should be allowed to stay - am I right?

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