Saturday, May 20, 2006


Here's my first lace shawl - custom designed by Meghan J. just for me. Well, it started out for me but now it's so great, once the shawl is finished we are going to take a picture and Meghan will sell the patterns to the store. Unwind Yarn House! How great that we will have exclusive patterns designed by our gifted teacher!

Remember those Koigu socks a few posts back - well, they are now a shawl. I ripped them out after seeing Meghan work her shawl in Kersti. I figured it was a much better use for the yarn since the socks didn't fit my daughter anyway.

I started out doing the shawl with this silver Bamboo lace from Blue Moon Fiber Arts but decided for my first try I'd be better off with something a bit thicker. This yarn is beautiful and so silky. It's 100% Bamboo. The hand dying is very subtle and almost looks lavender in some lights.

Socks That Rock in color Highway 30.
It's really, really, really nice and it came really, really, really quick. This is one of the five mystery skeins I ordered.

Another Socks That Rock in Tanzanite! Both Sarah and I are the proud owners of this one!

Meghan got Lover's Lane and Canyon Road (I think?)

Here's the progress on my Blue Sky Alpaca blanket. It really is stunning but time consuming. It's hard to keep at it with all this amazing new yarn arriving but I'm determined.

I met Meghan's mom today - what a great woman! - she showed me all her WIP - she wants to have 365 pairs of socks on the go so that she can work on a different one every day. They are off to Italy soon - hopefully, she will join Trek Along with Me and we'll have some hiking and knitting shots from Italy.

The latest shop news is that I've applied for Unwind to be the organizer for WWKIP. That means WORLD WIDE KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY. It's June 10, 2006 and it's the second annual. There are organizers all over the world. As soon as I'm accepted I will post all the info here and all of you can help me spread the word. Come to Unwind and unwind in public!



Glad to hear about the wwkip day...and yes please keep us posted!! Looking forward to seeing the shawl; my plan today is to wind some gorgeous Unwind yarn into balls and start on yet another project...a couple are closer to being finished; so I think that warrants starting another one...just one more way to justify another WIP...happy knitting. KnickKname2B

Dipsy D. said...

Hi from Austria! I'm absolutely impressed by the projects you have going on, they look amazing! The scarf is going to be a real beauty, the pattern seems so beautiful and so is the colorway of the yarn you're using! And I totally love your Blue Sky Alpaca Blanket, it sure seems to be time consuming, but the result will definitely be worth it! Great work!