Sunday, May 07, 2006

Isn't this a lovely sock? It's Koigu done on my new Addis. It is practically perfection - however.....IT DOES NOT FIT MY DAUGHTER! She tried it on this afternoon and said she had to keep her toes curled for it to fit! Now do I want to take out the toe and try to add another inch - no! no! no! Perhaps I will donate them to the store, Unwind, for window display. I had a small amount of yarn to finish this sock so decided to do the toe even though now I see I probably did
have enough yarn to add another inch! Ugh!

This is the second sock underway - I suppose I will knit this one bigger and then go back and redo the first toe.

Sarah asked the question on her blog today - when do you panic? I was panicking yesterday as I was approaching the end of my ball - fat lot of good it did me!

Lots will be new in the store this week - we are expecting 30 balls of Trekking XXL sock yarn, about the same amount of Opal petticoat collection, plus some Opal handpainted. Guess I will be working for yarn yet again!

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