Friday, May 19, 2006

No Batteries!

No batteries for my camera - I knew they were getting low and meant to charge them last night but forgot. That's probably because I was comatose when I got home from my dad's. I'm disappointed because I had lots of pictures to share.......

1. progress on Blue Sky Alpaca blanket
2. new Socks That Rock - including Sarah's - since you didn't come to the shop you could have at least seen it before tomorrow.
3. picture of pattern I am going to use for my Trek Along sock - it's Old Shale Two Yarn Sock Pattern from Stitches of Violet- I'm going to do it in one color.
4. some amazing bamboo from Blue Moon Fibre Arts which I am going to knit into my first lace shawl. Meghan is going to design a pattern for me - bless her heart! And yes, tomorrow at exactly 2 pm I am going to cast on another project.
5. pictures of Opal Petticoat from the store - nope, haven't bought any yet but I will. Just trying to satisfy the urge to own it by taking pictures of it.

Finally, I have decided Meghan and I are trouble together. She emails me a link for some hand spun, hand dyed sock yarn. Seems innocent enough, right? Well, it is amazing stuff - unlike anything I've seen so I suggest that perhaps we should order some. In record time, she emails back that she's up to ordering and sends along her color choice. So what do I do? Do I remember that just this past Wednesday I said I was on a yarn diet - not a chance - just like lightening I emailed the order in. Now, us two troublemakers, will be the proud owners of this new, never before seen sock yarn, hand spun, hand dyed and EVERYTHING by the end of next week. IT'S SHIPPING TOMORROW! I now officially make no money at Unwind because it all goes directly back into yarn purchases and.....I'm not sure what Meghan does at her day job because she sure does email me back quick. Maybe she gets paid to answer her email - what a job that would be. :)

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