Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Isn't this sheep just the cutest? He was a gift from Sarah - I just love him. Thank you so much! You know, I live on 7 acres and it wouldn't be impossible to actually own live sheep. But that would mean lots of work - dirty work - and I much prefer the finished product. Beautiful yarn. Besides that the 8 horses that live here might not want to share the limited paddock space with sheep.

Today my dad is moving into his house. It's a really nice Royal home - I'm so glad he will be close. It was amazing to see the house delivered - it came in three pieces was placed on the foundation and there you go - a house complete with a bathroom, toilet, sink, shower, kitchen cupboards, ceramic tile, carpet - truly amazing. My eldest is over there helping him move, my husband just left to help and I'm here watching the baby. Little Liam - he's so sweet! It's raining which makes things messy - especially because it's essentially a construction site.

I loved yesterday at Unwind - I came home last night and told my husband that I love, love, love being there. I was there for 11 hours yesterday and could have stayed even longer. We had a great day and the SnB was fun - Sarah's mom started her sweater - socks are done, yeah! - and signed up for the Socks on Two Circulars class that I'm doing. We have Lopi on sale and she was even looking at that for a sweater. She is starting a stash - can you believe it? How exciting!!! We wondered last night if there was maybe some kind of yarn -a- holics group because us regulars are totally addicted. We are planning an overnight to the Waterloo Knitters Festival (I think that is what it's called) - I wonder who'll come home with the biggest haul.

Meghan stopped in - she brought her Socks that Rock in progress - oh my! - they are amazing. She said it's no wonder they are so popular - they are pure joy to work with. She also came in wearing her Charlottes Web shawl which she made from a variety of yarns - not just Koigu and it is as equally amazing as all of her other work. We are soooo lucky to have her as our teacher at Unwind. Thank you for the card - you are invaluable to us!

I have no other progress to report other than my alpaca blanket - I only have 4 more sections to complete and I am committed to finishing it before casting on another sock. Even though I've now taken to carrying around my next sock yarn project - skein rolled into a ball, needles ready - truly I think it's in case I weaken. But I can't - I have three socks already on the go - two finished without mates and one in Cascade fixation underway. Not to mention that Opal Petticoat cotton came in the store yesterday - there is some really, really nice colorways - more yarn begging me to take it home. Yeah right?!?!

I've got to choose a pattern for my Trek along with Me socks - any suggestions?

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