Thursday, June 01, 2006

Can I rant?

Yesterday, AGAIN!, we lost our phone service - now that means I have to deal with Emily! Does everyone know who Emily is? She's the automated assistant from Bell Canada. And...I must confess I hate Emily. She's obnoxious! When she can't hear your answers she actually takes on a voice with attitude. Of all the voice mail systems I've ever encountered Emily has got to take the cake. Since I've spoken so frequently to Emily in that past few weeks I know the answers I'm supposed to give - so I try to shorten the length of my interaction with her to save me tons of frustration. This leads me to growl out commands - RESIDENTIAL, HOME SERVICE, REPAIR. When I finally get to speak to a living human being - they always spout off their ID number - now what good is that? Will I ever be able to locate that particular person again? Not likely since they are probably spread out over this vast country of ours. I suppose the ID number is useful if they are rude or whatever - then you could report them, right? But here's what I want to know - what is Emily's ID number because that chick needs to be fired!

More knitting news later.


KnickKname2B said...

And a GOOD MORNING to you too!!! I think you need to find that happy place where you can go, close your eyes, think nice creative thoughts and FONDLE WOOL!! Maybe that's the ticket to dealing with Emily...take hold of a skein of some fabulous yarn, get comfortable in a chair next to the phone and then just experience the yarn; so that when you have to answer Emily it's in the off handed kind of way, because you're really not there with her (the non-person), but off in dreamy yarn land, turning that little bit of heaven that you have in your hands to that glorious one of a kind knitted dream...maybe if you ask Emily if she knits? she'll give up on you and give you a real person (and maybe they knit too!) Have fun KnickKname 2B

Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.