Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mystery unravels....

Well I am beginning to understand why my licence is suspended. Seems in March 2001 I had a speeding ticket for $52.50 that is unpaid according to the courts. It seems this has been on my record for 5 years now with not a single outstanding notice. I have been able to renew my plates, renew my actual licence in that time. Now I thought if there was an unpaid ticket that you could not renew plates or your driver's licence. Apparently now I have to go and pay the fine which has grown to $111, wait 4 days and then pay $150 to get a new licence. Unbelievable? The cheeky girl who spoke to me today may be thinking that all is well, but she has another thing coming when we discuss this face to face tomorrow!

Not much to report on the knitting front because when I haven't been dealing with my licence I've been working on my secret project. 180 balls of yarn arrived today - what could that mean? Stay tuned!

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