Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This is Interesting.

I would, just for once, like a day where nothing major happens. I, innocently, went to pick up our mail today on my way to do errands. There was a letter from the Ministry of Transportation - imagine my surprise when I opened and read the my driver's licence is suspended. What????!!! What do you have to do to get your driver's licence suspended? I had no idea - so off I went, now driving with a suspended licence which could cost me $5,000 if I got caught, to our licencing office to find out what the problem is. Seems I was the 6th person in today with the same problem. Suspended licence and no idea how it happened. Turns out the department that processes speeding tickets (which I've had and paid in the past) is 7 years behind in their paperwork and just now have decided, because they are behind, that I have not paid a ticket from years and years ago. So now I have to go to a court office to see what the actual offense is and then apparently, I am supposed to provide proof that I paid this speeding ticket (7 YEARS AGO!!!!!) AND IF I CAN'T THEN I HAVE TO PAY IT AGAIN AND......I HAVE TO PAY $150 TO HAVE MY LICENCE RE-INSTATED. Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous in your life? Who but the government could do this? So now.....I can't drive until I straighten this out....and after I pay what they say I should pay.....I have to wait another 4 days until I can pay the fee to have my licence re-instated. My gawd!

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Knickkname2B said...

WOW...I mean WOW!!! That is just too bizarre; I hope you're able to find some way to make sense out of that one! I wonder if there's any kind of exam that the people who work in the Ministry of Transportation need to take to administer driving exams, licenses etc. to us poor unsuspecting/trusting individuals? Keep on knitting...and on the up side, as a passenger you will be able to get more knitting done! I know, another day that might be funny.
Take care.
P.S. Can they prove that you DIDN'T pay the ticket? You know innocent until proven guilty, Canadian democracy and all that.