Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Empty Nest

My son left for South Korea last night. His flight took off at 11:50 pm and won't arrive in Soeul until 2:30 pm today. It will be 2:30 am in Soeul. I thought I did very well at the airport - Jeremy told me he didn't want any "girly" stuff but I still cried. I kept thinking I must be crazy to allow a 16 year old boy to go so far from home. It's not like I can go pick him up if he wants to come home. I must say, though, he was very excited - now I will just wait for the phone call to tell me he's arrived safely. I woke up every hour last night - thinking he's still on the plane, he's still on the plane, and now this morning - guess what - he's still on the plane.

One of the reasons I wanted to start an online shop is that I absolutely love getting yarn in the mail - in fact, I think I like getting it better in the mail than I do picking it out in a shop. It's the element of surprise - even though I chose the colors - they are always a surprise and sooooo much nicer than I thought. It's fun, fun, fun!

Here's what came yesterday - it's an Angora Boot Sock kit from Blue Moon Fibers. When our original order came in they only sent 1 copy of Fair Isling on Blue Moon so I thought I might as well order something to keep that poor lonely book company on it's journey to me. The colorway is Cobblestone County - and the angora is to die for!

This is more Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop - I forgot I ordered it on back order so it was a real surprise. Now it's green so who do you think is the lucky recipient?

This is Dinah from Spunky Eclectic. It was a gift from Meghan and the pastels are sooooo great! I have never seen anything that I like better in a pastel colorway. It's so gorgeous it can't possibly be just socks. What else could it be?

And....tonight is the Charlotte's Web cast on. Here's what I've chosen to use. Meghan, Sarah and Emma are also casting on with me. Should be lots of fun! With lots of good company and good food!

As for Pick Up Sticks - everything is progressing well. I think the website could possibly be live by the middle of July. Not all the stock will be in but it should be functional by then. Today I've got to plan out the pages I want and what I want them to do.

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Sarah said...

Yarn makes me giddy!!! I seriously gasped out loud when I read about pretty green things on your blog today. I can't wait to get to your place tonight!!! Charlotte's web here we come!!!