Saturday, June 24, 2006

This is my first finished Vesper Sock. I just think it's amazing - even with knitting the heel flap the sequence of the stripes wasn't lost. How do they do that? These are for my niece Katy - and I must finish the other one. This coming Wednesday, Sarah, Meghan, Emma and I are casting on for our Charlotte's Web. I still have my Bamboo Shoot Shawl on the needles. Tomorrow is Sarah's birthday dinner - we are all very excited about trying the new restaurant on Main Street - Cachet.

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KnickKname2B said...

Cachet is fabulous!!! My husband and I went the 2nd day it was open (not usually a good time to try a new restaurant), and it was WONDERFUL!!! The atmosphere was pleasant (didn't get outside), the service was good and the food was out of this world!! I too, am looking forward to going again soon, and a girls' dinner is just the way to enjoy any nice restaurant...and knitting girls? Well, that's just the best way to enjoy anything:)
Have fun.
P.S. I love the socks too!