Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More mail!

Ok so Meghan, Sarah, Emma and I should definitely stop hanging out knitting together because the picture is the result. Nine skeins of Socks that Rock and two books! One of us - not me this time - was on the internet looking at the new colors on the Blue Moon Fibers website and then someone - that would have been me - offered up a credit card to order. So Meghan chose, Emma chose, I chose and then when Sarah arrived, we told her that we'd been holding our order to see if she wanted anything from Blue Moon. She virtually flew over to the computer and snapped up her two skeins. So there you go - before you know it, an order for 9 skeins of fabulous yarn. I'm beginning to think we may be known in various parts of the U.S. Here's how it goes - Meghan orders something and then tells us about it so we check it out and then we order something too! So all of a sudden there are four boxes of yarn making their way across the U.S. and they are all coming to Newmarket. This has happened over and over - sometimes I'm the first to order, sometimes Sarah - that initial order is always followed by at least one or two more. I can imagine cheering from companies who see one order from Newmarket and know for certain that more are guaranteed to follow.

Same deal with Crocs - Meghan got orange, then I went and got light blue and black, then Sarah bought lime, Debbie bought orange and then I had to go back and pick up Meghan's lime pair. We are good for the economy! We are definitely not good for each other! We are going to go broke - but at least we'll be doing it together!

Tonight is SnB night - yipee! Always lots of fun!


Anne said...

Thank you for posting, I was begining to suffer withdrawal. And thanyou also for the continued yarn buying frenzy, I like to tell my that when I start to puchase in earnest, it will pale in comparison so he will have no reason to bitch

Emma said...

EEEKKK!!! I'm so excited!! I was just thinking about it last night.... Are you bringing them to the shop today? I need to fondle them all before they go to their respective homes.