Friday, June 09, 2006


No blogging for three days? How can that be? I have no idea where this week went - hard to believe it's Friday already. We've solved the pool dilemma - gas heater is going back and my handy husband is going to rig up a solar heating system with pipes on the roof similar to what we had in Florida. The water comes out of the pool travels through the pipes that have been heated by the sun and then back into the pool.

I've been fairly consumed with my Koigu shawl - it is just getting more and more beautiful with each color change. I started another project (of course!) - I took Meghan's toe up sock class last night. I am knitting my socks with Sock Candy from Blue Moon Fibres - it's really nice and I can see the appeal of these toe up socks. Nice neat toes - not grafted together in a hurry which is what I usually do!

This is a busy, busy weekend. Tomorrow is WWKIP Day at the shop, I'm having company for dinner - well, actually my company is cooking dinner while I'm at work. Then Sunday my husband's family are coming for dinner. Two nice home cooked meals in one weekend? My husband is going to get used to this.

No time to post pictures this morning - I must get the 7 year old Princess to the bus! Then I'm off to have the pool water tested, pick up a few groceries, go to the bank and then work from 12-6pm. Another busy day!

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