Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Second day with.....

no knitting! Can you believe that? Last night at book club, I was sharing about my knitting, blogging, shopping online and one of the girls pipes up - I had no idea that women who knit would know how to operate a computer to be able to place an order online. Is she nuts? Does she even know how many knitting blogs are out there? Does she even stop to consider that women who knit are not 90 - we're hip and happening! -no matter how old we are?

Today was horrendous - the teenage boy did not get up in time for me to drive him to school and make an appointment I had scheduled. Every day I look at the calendar and count the days until he goes to Korea - it can't come soon enough. Hopefully, he will learn a few lessons in responsibility when he's there.

And....this new pool - well, I went to get the water tested and told the owner of the store that the guys didn't plug in the pool heater. He said the pool heater is natural gas powered - so now we have to have it hooked up to our gas meter which can cost as much as $1000 - he was very apologetic that he wasn't more specific in the first place and said he would refund us for the heater if we wanted to go without it but given our weather we don't feel we really have any choice.

All in all not a good day - tomorrow is work - hurray! -and the SnB! another hurray! Lots of knitting tomorrow!

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