Friday, June 30, 2006

Safe Arrival

My son arrived safely in Korea - the flight was 13 hours, they waited 3 hours for a bus, then had a 3 hour bus ride and a 15 minute cab ride to get home. He finally called at around 9:30 pm on Wednesday night. He was very tired but sounded happy to be there. He's emailed me every day (he knows how to make his mom happy) and reports that it's extremely humid and they have coffee in a can. The coffee in a can thing seems to have really captured his attention because he wrote my dad the same thing.

Yesterday I made the largest wholesale purchase yet - over $4,000. Yikes! I had the order all set up in an email and left it for over 2 hours before I actually sent it. This particular yarn is very hard to come by and when it is available is usually all sold out in 24 hours so I'm very excited to have it. My shop also now has a 1-800 number for people to call me with questions etc. It's really all coming together so well - my goal is to provide people with a simple alternative to finding unique yarn. As a knitter myself, I will drive a long way to find something different. Hopefully with just a few clicks it will be easier to get now. I have 7 suppliers so far and 5 of them are Canadian. Isn't that great? I'm meeting with the web guy on Tuesday to start setting up the yarn pages and apparently, I could be up and running in as little as two weeks. I won't be completely stocked by then, but at least people will be able to find me.

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