Thursday, June 01, 2006

You Won't Believe This!

I got to make one phone call - one - and then guess what? Yup, phone service gone again. Now I have already had my discussion with Emily and am currently on hold via my cell phone listening to some incredibly annoying music. Before all this happened I was amusing myself taking pictures of my new acquisitions and looking forward to the Trekking Cast On tonight at Unwind. Two packages came for me yesterday - yahoo! I am now definitely a yarn addict - I was so excited to open them that when I came to the first stop light I was digging at the packages with my keys to get them open - I could hardly concentrate getting to the grocery store because I had to keep looking over at all the beautiful yarn. I think I love getting yarn in the mail more than I like buying it in person.

Pictured here is my Trekking XXL, Color 106 - Addi DPNs 2.25 mm and pattern ready for tonight.

Here's some hand painted 100% merino yarn from a small, tiny company out west. The colors are so vibrant - it's called Peacock.

This is Vesper sock yarn - the wound ball is lime, pink and white - it stripes perfectly. And I would have had some to show you but I ripped it out because the sock was too big. They are for my niece's 8 birthday - she loves pink!

Here's some amazing hand dyed cashmere - straight from cashmere goats living in B.C. Awesome, isn't it? You should feel it!

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