Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What is A Girl To Do?

See these two balls - the varigated is Claudia Handpainted in Pink Dot - the solid is Pink Panther in Gems Merino. What would you do
when faced with two such lovely balls of yarn?

I've decided to do this and nothing but this all day! Yup - that's right, starting at noon today this will be my job for today!

I'm weak.....very, very weak!

Why noon you ask? Well, I do have some responsibilities other than knitting so if I rush out now to the grocery store, rush back home, peel potatoes for dinner, throw the roast in the oven - I should be all prepared to do nothing but knit!
I'll post progress first thing tomorrow!


Amanda said...

Sounds heavenly!

Isobel said...

I like the new look and am intrigued by the pink and pattern. Looking forward to tomorrow and viewing your progress.

Monika said...

Yes indeed. Nice new look! Will be back tomorrow to see what you've got!

Janet said...

That's lovely! Are past sock club patterns available for purchase? I love the first two of Meghan's patterns that I have received. January's is a work of art! Love, love, love your sock club!