Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sock Showcase

I've decided that I am doomed to be a one sock knitter and I've also decided that this is totally business related. It is an obligation to my customers and friends to show off the new yarn in knitted form. So I will not feel

bad for not completing the companion socks - it is just a job hazard!
Here's a little sock showcase showing off the yarns I have in the shop!

Yarn: Sweet Georgia Speed Demon
Colorway: Fondant (currently only available in handpainted sock)
Pattern: Crusoe from

Yarn: Mama E's Ceyeber Fiber
Colorway: Pick Up Sticks Signature
Pattern: Northern Sunshine Designs Sunflowers

Yarn: Sweet Georgia Handpainted Sock
Colorway: Blue Steel
Pattern: my own (and of course, not written down!)

Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden
Colorway: Northern Lights
Pattern: Basic Sock Pattern

This yarn is really fun - and creates a beautifully soft fabric!

Yarn: Mama Llama's Dye Pot Yarns
Colorway: Winter
Pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina

Catherine does a wonderful job on this self-striping yarn. Even the stripes are slightly varigated in the same shades. These socks are a gift for my niece for her birthday and I know she's going to love them!


Roxanne said...

They are all lovely Connie and I know what you mean...I can't seem to finish a pair of socks either!

Catherine Kerth said...

Okay, I love that winter in the jaywalker pattern!!!! LOVE IT! I am going to have to snatch some self striping from my on inventory!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel guilty about the one sock phenomenon - eventually all of us yarn shop owners will get time to knit the other one (now if I can only find the other half of that ball of yarn from 13 years ago!) You should see all of my single socks! Robyn - Red Bird Knits

chris said...

Thanks for posting the sock pics Connie! I love seeing how the different yarns (and colours) look in a knitted item.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new yarns you'll be bringing in this year - hopefully, I can finish up all my current projects soon so that I can buy some more yarn.

wovengold said...

Yummy! I really love seeing how the different yarns knit up. I've always found it helpful when shop owners make little sample knits -- or post little sample pix. So... No need for guilt! You're doing your job!