Monday, January 08, 2007

Six Weird Things

about me.

1. I sleep with one foot out of the covers at night. It keeps me from getting too hot or so I think!

2. I say "shut the light" when I mean turn off the light. My dear husband pointed this out to me recently and said that is how he knew I had an Italian background.

3. I only like to eat sandwiches that I have made myself. Especially if they are made with cold cuts. I don't even like my husband to make them for me.

4. I fold the freshly washed towels in 2's width wise and then in 3's length wise and will unfold and refold any towels that aren't done that way. My husband will fold them differently and show me that it's not that much different but no it has got to be my way.

5. No one can change the bed that I'm sleeping in but me - again, my husband will stand there making all sorts of military noises but it's got to be the way I was taught by my mom - nothing worse than getting into bed with messy sheets.

6. I hate gardening and I regularly kill house plants. We've lived on our farm for 6 years and in the back yard surrounding our deck was a beautiful rock garden. I tried for 6 years to weed, plant and grow that garden. Last summer I gave up - gave all the plants to my neighbours and put in an above ground pool in the exact spot where all the garden was. Now it's just pool and river rock and I couldn't be happier!


Angela said...

Husband says "Close the light".

French thing, I suppose.


PS. Will I see you tomorrow?

monica said...

Well, I have to say, you don't sound weird to me. # 1 -5 just like me. I do like to garden, but I still kill everything, but I wish I didn't, and just keep trying.

Merry said...

Wow. I've always said "shut the light" too -- and one boyfriend would correct me every time.... How does that giveaway my Italian background (because I do have one)?



Betty said...

If you grew up in Quebec - you would say "open the light" and "close the light" - French influence I think - no need for the Italians.

Chris said...

I love the sandwiches thing. I thought I was the only person in the world that could only eat my own sandwiches. I feel much better now.