Friday, January 12, 2007

First Things First!

I hope everyone has had a chance to read the Yarn Harlot's entry from yesterday - if not, go and read it - it is so worth it!

Who do you think is the kind of person that would decide that there could not possibly be enough people interested in sock knitting to participate in a club and then just decide - just like that - that it must be a scam and refund all the money. Are we the only ones on the planet who know about knitting and particularly, knitting socks! I imagine a room full of stuffy, know it all executives just being soooo proud of themselves for slamming the door shut on a bunch of criminal yarn dyers. And....I would especially like to have been present when they realized what a mistake they made! I'm afraid that if I would have been put in that position, I would not have been nearly as nice as Blue Moon was to the bank. I would have turned sock knitters everywhere lose on them! Kind of like I would have like to sock knitters lose on a particular politician when she indicated that she had a life and didn't spend it at home on Friday nights knitting!

And now on to my completed sock: here it is!
Mama Llama's Winter Self Striping
Jaywalker Pattern

This yarn is absolutely lovely to knit with. I can't believe I've never used the Jaywalker pattern before because it was fun and held my interest! Self striping was a nice change and especially one that stripes so beautifully!

After I finished this one last night, I was working on my Zen Yarn Garden sock - I'm just about to turn the heel so you'll get a peek at that one in a day or so!

More Apple Pie yarn should arrive today and hopefully, some more colors of Seacoast!

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Anonymous said...

Connie - I was shocked when I read the post, and emailed the girls right away and offered my condolences for all the trouble that they were being put through. The site is back up and running again today, I replaced my order. As one of the girls on Rowan wrote this morning, "would they have had any questions if it had been a men's magazine of the month club" (or words to that effect).